Japan Nuclear Disaster Sparks Anti Nuclear Demonstrations.

Meltdown Sparks Anti Nuclear Protests/Day Four

Postscript Thurs. 17 March 1.pm New Zealand Time: Yesterday, on BBC News,, we were told that ALL SIX nuclear power stations at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant are now in serious trouble.  We were also told yesterday that workers at the plant had been pulled out because of the dangerous levels of radiation there.  Today, we are told that they have been sent back in to work after the authorities had just legally raised the ‘safe’ level of radiation.  Helicopters which were, until yesterday, Wednesday 16th March NZ time, trying to pour water from overhead into the reactors, had to stop their operations because of the radiation levels.

In the aftermath of the Japan disaster – earthquake/tsunami which have resulted in a nuclear meltdown, the Chancellor of Germany has acted promptly in making the decision to quit operations at seven of their older nuclear power stations.

BBC News shown through the night on our New Zealand NZTV One Channel, March 15 2011,  showed demonstrations happening across Europe to protest against nuclear power plants.  Their actions of protest to nuclear power plants has been activated by the events in Japan over the past four days.

Mankind  CAN prevent nuclear disasters, because , since nuclear reactors are man made, all we need to do to prevent them is not to build nucleahttp://merrilynhope.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=5381&action=editr reactors in the first place.
Warning people of tsunamis so that they can leave the area immediately after a major earthquake, and move to higher ground, will save some lives.
With the nuclear situation – while these man made threats to human life and the world environment do exist,  then , again, you must get right away. – not just to higher ground, but many miles away.  And what’s more, you should stay away for years and years, as the radiation will be around for a long time to come.

The situation at the Nuclear Plants in Fukushima, and at some of the other now unstable nuclear sites in Japan, is a dire warning to the world of things to come. A MELT DOWN, the most catastrophic situation that is feared by everyone, is looming at the sites of the Fukushima nuclear power complex.

Just this morning, Tuesday, we learned on our news that a second explosion has occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, at Plant Number Three.  The first explosion occurred on Saturday NZ time, at the Number One Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant.

Now we have been told on BBC news that the Number Two plant at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is also threatening to melt down. There are also problems at another plant in another location, so we learn from BBC news.

The poor Japanese people have lived through the biggest earthquake ever to hit Japan, only to be devastated in many coastal towns, by gigantic tsunamis.  The big tsunami wave has obliterated some areas completely, resulting in the populations of some towns being nearly wiped out. Now, those who have survived have other threats to face:  Food and water shortages in the immediate here and now, and  death by cancer because of radiation exposure for the future.

The loss of lives already cannot really be comprehended.   This is an enormous catastrophe, the likes of which most of us has never ever seen or experienced.  The Japanese Prime Minister has described the tsunami effects, with the resulting nuclear power plant crisis, as being the most difficult hardship Japan has had to face since the Second World War.

The seaside town of Ojika on the peninsula in Miyagi,, and the town of Minamisanriku, which is another coastal town,  have suffered enormous devastation.  Their towns no longer exist.  Around 10,000 people are missing from these regions. Many bodies have been washed up on the shore.

The town of Rikuzentakata was also decimated:  It is thought that around 17,000 people have died here.

At first, we got the news that between 200-300 bodies were found by police, shortly after the tsunami hit.  But now these numbers of the drowned are around 2000.

The earthquake which hit hardest near Sendai in the North, has just today been reclassified as a magnitude 9.0 earthquake  on the Richter Scale.  This earthquake triggered the massive tsunami waves which came soon after the quake.

Enormous Loss of Lives:  Very sadly, the loss of lives is just huge. An update this morning, 17 March 2011 New Zealand time 6.AM has told us that 3,500 people have been confirmed dead, and there are many more to come..

The Japanese Prime Minister has described the tsunami effect, compounded with radiation from the collapsed nuclear power plants, as being the most difficult hardship Japan has had to face since the Second World War.
You cannot divert or prevent a tsunami.  They are an act of God.  But warning people to leave the area immediately after a major earthquake, and move to higher ground, will save some lives.
With the nuclear situation – there is not anything you can do to safeguard your health once you are exposed.  If you are exposed to large amounts in one dose, then you will get radiation sickness and burns, and die fairly soon.  If you are exposed to ongoing lower levels of radiation, then you are likely to get cancer, or some other mysterious illnesses which cannot be identified.
Close Up at 7 PM 16 March 2011, hosted by Mark Sainsbury, gave us Victoria’s story:  She survived the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster in Russia, 1986.
She said that all her family who lived in the area have suffered serious degenerative disease since.  Her brother, a big and healthy, fit strong Russian man, died  of cancer just this last December.  Her aunt has a mysterious lung disease.  Another has had breast cancer.
Victoria warns people to leave the area, not to wait for the authorities to tell you whether it is safe or not.  If you wait, then you may be doing your body serious harm by exposing it to the radiation. She says that you cannot smell it, you cannot see it. This means that people cannot perceive the danger. The government, she thinks is not acting responsibly:  She says that they should be telling people to leave now, before the authorities tell you what is happening, and how much radiation has leaked.  Their estimation might be lower than what the real levels are.
Victoria said that in Chernobyl, nobody knew the extent of the radiation leaks, and the scale of the radiation, until after a week after the accident.  By this time, everybody had been exposed to amounts of radiation which were assessed as being 1000 times what was considered to be a safe dose.  Too late – you cannot reverse the damage of such levels of radiation.
She said that the government told them nothing, and that they did all their clean-up activities by night, so that the public would not worry.  She said that 100’s of fire engines would drive down to the plant by night, but by day, nothing was happening.
Let’s hope that this dire situation of nuclear plant melt downs teaches the nations of the world that nuclear power is not the answer.  it is just too dangerous.  Accidents will always happen, so you cannot guarantee the safety of any plant 100%.  And the radioactive waste is also another problem which our children and their children’s children, will have to face.
Radiation kills.  Enough of it leaked into the environment, and we will all suffer.  Enough of it leaked into the environment, and the people nearby will die of radiation poisoning.  Those further away will die slow deaths from cancer and other degenerative disease.
We all need to demonstrate, write letters, do everything to support the anti cnuclear movement..


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