Karaoke Bars Breed Alcoholism

Alcohol Erodes Society

Best Advice:  AA, or Alcoholics Anonymous can help you to become sober.

I am a recovering alcoholic.  I have not had a drink for twelve years now.  Of course, drinking in moderation, such as one glass of nice wine with a meal, would be a fine thing.  But – I could not always manage to drink in a non-harmful way.  It is relatively easy to become addicted to alcohol if you are depressed, as I have found.  One can also become addicted to alcohol when the practice of drinking socially becomes a regular occurrence.

Drug And Alcohol Addiction:  I find it disturbing that many young people  are encouraged by society to drink alcohol, and to take party drugs, and that many older people also drink far too much for their own good, and everyone else’s. Partaking of party drugs and alcohol on a regular basis leads to addiction.

New Zealand families are being affected by alcohol.  In fact, there is an alcohol epidemic all over the western ‘civilized’ world.  But alcohol-drinking in large amounts, or even smaller amounts on a regular basis, is in reality far from civilized.

Alcohol drinking is actually really destructive, both to one’s own personal health, and also to family and social life, which is perhaps a more serious thing.  Many young lives in a family can be affected so sadly and badly by one person’s dependence on alcohol.

Children suffer when drinking is done in the house, or when a parent or other family member comes home drunk.

Alcohol-drinking can creep up on you, so that you are barely aware that you even have a problem, that problem being addiction.  And this is why I am critical about karaoke bars, where people spend many a long hour listening to mostly dreadful renditions of old songs, waiting for their final moment of glory, after they have had more than a few drinks,  when they get the chance to take to the stage, mike in hand, and bellow their lungs out.

Many people I know believe that it is their love of music, and a social life,  which drives them to the karaoke bar on a regular basis. However I am inclined to believe that it is really alcohol dependence which is to blame, rather than these more lofty justifications for the long hours spent in these bars.

Most people who frequent karaoke bars, in my opinion, would have a drinking problem.  Even if you can claim, as some I know do, that you can ‘make your drinks last’, that you can “take it or leave it”,  and that you are ‘never over the driving limit’, the karaoke bar will make an alcoholic of you in the end, if you visit and drink on a regular basis.

Alcohol is Addictive

Alcohol is Expensive

Alcohol Drinking Is Encouraged At Karaoke Bars

Signage Reads: “Husbands Day Care Centre”:  This is a very disturbing sign which I first noticed about a week ago, outside a karaoke bar in Red Beach, Orewa. I have just passed it again today,  as I took the bus to Whangaparaoa library to write up this post. The sign, which is addressed to all wives and mothers, goes on to say “Need Some Time out?”………”Send Your Husband Down Here For A Few Hours”………”We Will Look After Him For You”.

There are many issues to discuss here:

Number one is that alcohol is related to violence, abusive behaviour, and domestic “incidents”. This is the biggest worry about alcohol-drinking.

Number two is that the children at home will be deprived of their Dad, while he is at the karaoke bar.

Number Three will be that when the family get him home again, he will not be functioning at his optimum mental level:  the karaoke bar and liquor will have gotten the better of him. He will probably want to go to sleep.

Number Four is that I personally would never want to send my husband down to the karaoke bar, even if I were a drinker:  These places are often pick-up joints for many people.  I would fret that my man might be led off by a flirtatious single woman.  After a drink or two, people’s personal barriers are usually let down.

Number Five is that drinking is expensive.  The money spent at the karaoke bar would be better spent on something nice for the family.

Number Six is that the advertisement gives the idea that men are socially irresponsible.  They need looking after, according to this message:  While the wife is at home, looking after the children and keeping the home fires burning, the husband is being treated like a child somewhere else:  the Karaoke Bar.


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