New Zealand Environmental Issues after Tsunami 6 April 2011

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Already Affects Health of New Zealanders.

The nuclear disaster at Fukushima in Japan is a huge concern for all of us, since the whole world will be affected by the radioactive elements emitted into the air  from this broken nuclear power facility.

Radioactive Iodine, radioactive caesium, and now plutonium have been found in large amounts in the environment.  It took only a week  after the earthquake/tsunami in Japan for radioactive material from Fukushima  to reach the coasts of America.

Radiation From Fukushima In new Zealand: It didn’t take much longer for poison to be detected here, in Auckland.   Our air here in the Auckland area, and further north at Orewa Beach, has been polluted since about 10 days after the Japanese nuclear disaster at Fukushima. The air has had an acrid quality which burns the eye tissues.  It can also give you headaches, sinus, ear ache, high temperature,  chest trouble and nerve pain.

Japanese Dumping Radioactive Waste Into Pacific Ocean: To further the damage to the environment and the world at large, the Japanese  are dumping an estimated 60,000 tonnes of radioactive waste into the Pacific basin.

New Zealand Environmental Issues:  But we  still need to still be mindful about our local environmental issues:  In New Zealand at present  there are several other serious situations which should be considered.

Brodifacoum  Poison Drop Over Sanctuary: One is the Brodifacoum drop which is about to happen over Shakespear Park, Whangaparaoa Peninsula, Auckland region.  30 tonnes of Brodifacoum, which is an anticoagulant poison, used in rat bait, will be dropped in three divided doses of 10 tonnes each drop.

Read  my posts on the Brodifacoum/Shakespear Park matter, and also the latest comment by Brian who has contributed much extra information.  Contact Poison Free New Zealand to register against the use of Brodifacoum in this drop which will affect ocean life, the shore, and the people, birds and animals in the Whangaparoa environment.

SALE OF NEW ZEALAND LAND TO FOREIGNERS;  John Key and his dastardly National government is set to sell everything off before they are hopefully voted out of power next election.  The National government  has agreed to the sale of an enormous block of beautiful, unspoiled land TO OVERSEAS INVESTORS.   This land is currently owned by Maori, who want to sell it,  but it should not be allowed to be sold off to overseas investors.  This will be a large part of our environment gone forever.

Maori Television last night, 5th April, 2011, highlighted this issue.  One spokesperson for Maori, and for the Pakeha people of New Zealand alike, is trying to get this sale stopped.  She only has a couple of days to try and halt the sale.

Talking about Maori Television – It really is very good.  I have become a fan.  Willie Jackson on Friday nights is certainly worth watching  He interviewed Hekia (?)  National’s representative for Maori (?) a few days ago.  She, of course, is behind the government in its proposals for selling land, and drilling for oil, etc – anything to make money, regardless of environment protection, and our future.  Willie asked her pointedly if she really had the best interests of the Maori people at heart (or any other New Zealander, for that matter).  Her reply was ‘yes’, but anyone can see that she is simply a puppet for the big business, hare-brained schemes which National are pushing upon us.

Threat Of Oil Drilling In Our Ocean:  Again, this is the result of selfish, money-oriented, National party politicians who have absolutely NO regard for the protection of the environment.  They don’t consider the meaning in the song: ‘this land is your land – this land is my land’ – meaning that all our lands and shores belong to EVERYBODY – and that they should be conserved and protected for our children, and their children alike.

These politicians in the National party seem to think that the lands and seas of New Zealand belong to THEM, and so they sell it off, willy-nilly, land, sand, and oil, without any regard for what the rest of New Zealanders think, and without any regard for the future.  Once the riches have gone, and the environment destroyed,  after everything has been sold – what then?  This is no way to think.  Everything should be sustainable, without having to sell off ‘the house’ as one politician on Maori TV said.

Shell Oil have their sights set on putting down a drilling device near the East Cape of the North Island.  A Greenpeace flotilla left to protest about this Sunday about 10 days ago.

This is a real threat to our environment here in New Zealand.  Even small amounts of oil spillage is no good to all the creatures who live in and around the shores of our beautiful coastline.  But a major disaster, such as the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico could wreck the WHOLE of our easter coastline in New Zealand.  From there, of course, it would do even wider damage to the fragile eco systems of the oceans.


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