New Zealand Has High Risk of Tsunami

Risk of Tsuanmi in New Zealand.

New Zealand is on the ‘Ring of Fire’, which means it is especially vulnerable to earthquakes.  This also means, apart from being vulnerable to tsunamis coming from the vicinity of Japan, that we are prone to tsunamis which are created in our own immediate environment.

The city of Christchurch experienced a devastating earthquake on the 22 February 2011.  It had a rather large earthquake just yesterday,  20 March 2011, which registered 5.1 on the Richter Scale.  This earthquake was predicted by Ken Ring, the  Moon Man of New Zealand, who said that the moon would be at its closest point at 9.44PM, and that Christchurch people could expect an earthquake at this time.  This big earthquake struck just three minutes after this time, at 9.47 PM.

Two other smaller shakes were felt in Canterbuy  yesterday, in the afternoon.  These took place, apparently, near Twizel, which has previously been considered by Cantabrians fleeing Christchurch, to be an earth-quake free area.

Fortunately, the Christchurch earthquakes so far  have not caused tsunamis in New Zealand to compound to the damage suffered by Canatabrians.

However, I must say that when we got warning that a tsunami might come here, all the way from Japan following its big earthquake recently, I was ready to leave my home on the beach at Orewa at a moment’s notice, to head on up the hill nearby. We were told through the night that the tsunami would probably not pose a major threat to New Zealand after all,  however, I was prepared, just in case, to leave sometime before seven in the morning, when it was thought a big wave could possibly hit.

The New Zealand Herald today has a wee side-line article which is headed “Tsunami risk for NZ”.  This takes up only one wee column, and is nine lines long.  Most people would miss this little item.

The “Tsunami Risk For New Zealand” is not to be taken lightly, from all accounts. The Herald lists New Zealand as being the fourth most vulnerable island in the world to tsunami waves.

Japan is rated as having the highest risk to tsunami. Hawaii is rated second most vulnerable,  Indonesia third, and New Zealand and Chile take fourth place together, for tsunami risk.

The entire length of the East Coast of New Zealand of both the north and south islands, are rated as a high risk zone for  tsunamis.


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