New Zealand Labour Sees Phil Goff Undermined By Media

Media Seem To Be Influenced By National Supporters

PHIL GOFF and the LABOUR PARTY:  WE NEED YOU – QUICK SMART Save our assets.  Help the people. Create jobs.  Save our state-owned houses. Take GST off necessary food items.  Stop the escalating of house prices to rent or buy in Auckland. Prevent overseas interests from buying our houses and land.

I reckon the National Party has control of the media in New Zealand.

Hardly a day goes by without  some of the media telling us blithely that Phil Goff ‘does not have ‘what it takes’, or ‘he just doesn’t cut it’, or ‘he just doesn’t have leadership qualities’. They are drumming this into us just the same way that, before last election, we were constantly told it was ‘time for a change’.  Who said?  the National party said.

Must give John Campbell from “Campbell Live” his due. He is an awesome interviewer who gets down to the nitty gritty, usually without any pandering, atlhough he seemed to bow down a little for National last election……  Willie Jackson from Maori TV is also very good at sifting through the chaff. But many presenters and reporters right now seem to be biased in favour of the National party, to the detriment of Labour.

The last thing we needed last election was a change from Labour’s socially conscious, environmentally friendly policies.  But New zealanders became convinced just through sheer brain-washing, with the help of the media,  that National would do better than Labour.  Now, many people are wishing that they had never voted them in, as National are  busy selling off the country, land, stock, and oil barrels, for the sake of a quick-fix now, and also for the benefit of big overseas business interests.

The division between rich and poor in New Zealand is steadily growing. And National are trying to see to it that they will have yet another term of destruction: If they are voted in again, then God Help New Zealand..

National have control of the media, and they are using this control to slight the labour Party at every given opportunity.

Last night on TV, 12th April 2011, Channel One, we had a political commentator telling us that  he “ feels that Phil Goff just does not cut it”.   Rubbish. This is no critical analysis.  This is purely invention, a subjective view, which only serves to benefit  the National Party.

Channel Three are just as guilty:  Rachel Smalley interviewed John Key just a few days ago, also around the 11th April 2011.  She was all smiles, ever so polite, and did not challenge John Key on any of his policies or actons:  She let him rave on about his plans for economic ‘growth’, and no mention was made by her on the sale of assets, on the environmental issues connected with oil drilling, on the fact that nobody else, iwi or general public, was asked whether we should allow such a dangerous operation as this in our oceans.  She was a walk-over.

This was another opportunity for John Key to endorse the National party agendas totally unchallenged.

Willie Jackson from Maori TV is  one of the best people, in my view, to interview the likes of John Key.  John Campbell is the other. Willie interviewed Hekia Parata recently, who has just been put at the forefront of the national party, obviously to try and influence Maori into accepting the John Key-driven risky enterprises which we all know will spell certain loss for the people of New Zealand in the end. Willie tackled the issues which National try to avoid:  Thefact that iwi were not consulted over giving a permit to Petrobras.

The oil drilling at East Cape by Brazilian Oil giant Petrobras is one very very sad example of the National party’s walk-over, take-over style of governance.  They simply will not listen to reason on this issue.  They are like Walt Disney’s characterization of Scrooge – all they can see are the dollar signs in their eyes.

They do not see the country being saddened because of exploitation by big international companies, saddened because of the pollution which will result, and saddened also because the local people will not benefit much at all, as they were promised. The wealth from mining enterprises will not benefit Ne Zealand.  We will be left with the destruction of the landscape, the loss of the resources, more cancer,  and pollution.

Back to Phil Goff and the Labour Party:  We need you Phil Goff.

Channel One interviewed Phil Goff, about two days after Rachel Smalley’s interview with Hohn Key.  Corin Dann and Petra Baghurst (?) hardly allowed Phil Goff to get through the door.  They were incredibly negative, and almost rude, I thought. Phil Goff was  interrupted several times by Mr Dann, and he was not allowed to talk about any vision he had for New Zealand. He was put through hoops which were designed to make the national party look like better jumpers, better trick artists.

Phil Goff has not had the chance yet to prove himself, and I am jolly sure that when he does, he will be doing more positive good for the country both environmentally and socially than what the greedy, self-serving  National party is right now.

Phil Goff will make a good and fair politician, and if he follows Helen Clark’s example, one who will not exploit the low-paid working classes for the benefit of big business:  This is something which John Key VALUES about New Zealand – He sees it as an ADVANTAGE that the work force here is underpaid, because low wages here will  encourage international big-business operations into our country.  Having wealthy international companies here, in effect taking their profits from the poor, will do nothing except to perpetuate the cycle of poverty and discontent amongst the workers of New Zealand.

National Are Environmental Cowboys: National Government under John Key are busy selling off as much of our assets as they can before the next election.

National’s Risky Oil Drilling Operation: National  have  given permission to the giant Brazilian Petrobras Oil to start drilling off the East Cape of New Zealand.  Greenpeace have been protesting about this in the region where the Brazilian company is now setting up its drilling operation at the East Cape. This National government has sent down police to try and stop the  protest, a protest which is legal. Things are getting worse.

The government, and Petrobras, of course, maintain that oil drilling is entirely safe, since it is only an exploratory well which is due to be put down.  But the huge oil spill by BP in the Gulf of Mexico only last year was also ‘only an exploratory well’.  What is more, our water is twice as deep as the Gulf of Mexico, which makes it more than twice as dangerous in regard to oil spillages.

Oil Drilling In Ecuador: We had a great documentary by BBC, shown on the Maori Channel a few nights ago, around the 11th April, 2011.  This showed the devastation wreaked, and the abject POVERTY which has resulted directly from oil drilling in Ecuador. Many of the local people said that cancer had increased since oil drilling operations began.

Cancer Results From oil/ Oil Does Not Create Wealth For Local People: People get cancer in areas which mine for oil.  One poor widow said that her husband had worked in the oil industry.  He died from cancer and was vomiting up black oil-like fluid when he died.


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