Nuclear Fall-Out Or Toxic Chemicals In NZ 13 May 2011

Radiation Effect in New Zealand

The air here  in New Zealand was definitely polluted after about ten days following the Fukushima earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster.  There was a taste of iodine in the air, and a burning acrid quality to the air which caused headaches, bone pain, nausea, sore eyes, and swollen glands.  I felt like I was ‘getting’ the flu, only it never eventuated.  These distressing symptoms were experienced by many other sensitive people I know who live in the Auckland area.

After a few days the iodine taste disappeared, and another heavier, metallic taste pervaded the air.  This pollution, perhaps radioactive caesium – whatever it was,  still caused one to feel very sick.

These  symptoms of radiation poisoning began about ten days after the Japanese earthquake, and  lasted for around two weeks after I first sensed the pollution in the air.  Then it appeared that we were clear of it.

I began to use dairy milk and other fresh vegetables and fruit again.

My health recovered quickly, as the pollution which caused these  allergy-like symptoms  dissipated  before it took a toll on my health.

But in the last week these symptoms have returned.  Over the past few days the headache has gotten much worse, and sudden attacks of nausea have hit me.  Nerve and bone pain have been apparent.  A strange burning ache has affected the ears.  Temperature is higher than normal.  I really feel dreadful again.

But there is no doubt as to the cause of these health disturbances:  I can taste the same heavy, dull, metallic taste in the air again, although it is not as corrosive as it was in the first few weeks following the earthquake in Japan.

My sensitivity was blurred for the past two weeks, because my landlords sprayed a very toxic ant killer all around the house.  They also put what I guess must be ‘Round-Up’ all about the garden and the paving stones, to kill the weeds.  These things always affect my health very badly, whilst I am still in the vicinity of these poisons.  Once I am well away from these poisons, then toxic reactions such as distressing heart, lung, nerve and bone problems, all disappear.

So -the insecticide and weedkiller had numbed my senses.  This usually means that other sources of toxicity cannot be detected so well.   I was under the impression that I was still getting toxic reactions from the insecticide and weed killer which my landlords had used.  But the landlords have been gone for around five days now, and yet the symptoms of toxicity are only getting worse, instead of better, as you would expect, given the time lapsed since they put all this poison around the place.

Well, today I have come to town, well away from where I live at the beach, to experience  this heavy metallic toxic pollution in the air here. The taste of pollution is very strong, and whatever it is, is affecting people’s health here too.  My daughter is ‘under the weather’, and her son also seems to be affected.

This is not the normal traffic pollution which is in the air around Auckland and every other big city.  That is not good for you either, but at least you can escape it.  This is the same pollution which I can taste out at the beach, miles away from Auckland city.

I have just checked the internet to find out if any government authority here has acknowledged that international disasters are having an impact on the health of New Zealanders.  The answer is ‘no’ – there is no acknowledgement. The authorities are in denial. There are many articles on the internet which come via government officials, through the newspapers and television,  and most of these say emphatically that New Zealand will be unaffected by the nuclear disasters.  No mention has been made to the various  chemicals which  could be polluting the world, after chemical plants and oil refineries etc having caught fire because of these disasters.

This just is not the case, in my experience.  There IS an effect here, though I cannot swear that it is radiation:  It is probably a mixture of nuclear fallout and chemicals from fires resulting from earthquakes.

There have been a spate of big earthquakes around the world in the past week.  Christchurch had another 5.3 Magnitude a few days ago.  Around the same time, there was a big one in Mexico.  And just yesterday, a large earthquake hit Spain. There were several large earthquakes in the Burma/ Thailand region  a couple of weeks ago.  Many people have been killed.

This new bout of toxins in the air could be coming from chemical factories which have caught fire after earthquakes, from countries perhaps closer to NZ than Japan.  It also could be coming from nuclear plants still in crisis, in  Japan, or other places where this sort of news is not given to the world.

I do not believe that we, in New Zealand, will be ‘safe’ from nuclear fall out, as our government authorities are telling us.  Many things which they have called ‘safe’ have proven to be most unsafe, for example, 245T, or ‘agent orange’, which is no longer being manufactured.  This deadly poison which contains the chemical dioxin  is just one of many deadly chemicals which have been declared unsafe, sadly, only after serious health disorders and death had resulted after many years of their use.

The radiation experts’ idea of what is a ‘safe’ dose of radiation cannot be trusted, and nor can their assurances that New Zealand will be protected from radiation simply because ‘there are no major winds which come from Japan to New Zealand’.

As I explained in replying to somebody’s comment:  If you throw a pebble into a pool of water, you will see the vibrations move outwards in bigger and bigger circles each time.  There is a reaction felt, which can actually be measured, even at the outside of the pool.  An explosion at a nuclear power plant will work a little like this idea of a pebble creating waves in a pond. No matter where you are in the world,  no matter where the winds blow, an effect will be experienced, as unseen currents and vibrations carry a residue of effect about the world. Those people who are sensitive will sense a reaction on their health well before those who appear to be impervious to the chemicals in their environment.

Australian Nuclear Dump: I must say that I am very disturbed and disheartened to hear that the Australian government has agreed to turn part of a land mass in Victoria (?) into a nuclear waste depository.  This region has been a ‘no-go’ zone for years, because it is used by the army to test bombs and other weaponry.


ANY nuclear waster kept there will have an effect on the environment, especially the immediate environment.  Even if there is never an earthquake there, the containers of nuclear waste will have an effect on all life.  This is because everything has a vibration which is emitted around it.   The  vibrations emitted from around nuclear waste receptacles will be very toxic in themselves.  My guess is that the Australian government and their advisors believe, MISTAKENLY,  that the stuff will be harmless.

And if there happens to be an earthquake, then God help Australia – and New Zealand too.

The Australian government’s  lack of understanding on this serious issue  means that they will invite other countries, such as China, who has more nuclear reactors than any country in the world and aims to have 100 working reactors within the next 5 years or so,  to dump their nuclear waste there in this desert.  And for this terrible environmental rape, and the risk to people’s health,  the government will gain a handsome fee.  What a price to pay.

Many people are sensitive, as I am, to chemicals and radiation.  The bonus of being sensitive is that you are usually alerted to toxic dangers well before those tough individuals who claim that they do no harm.  Sensitive people usually do not get cancer and other degenerative disease, because they learn to avoid anything toxic which leads to cancer.  This is because poisons make them feel unwell, and so they avoid the poison well  before anything like cancer can develop.

Radiation is difficult to avoid, but there are dietary and detoxification measures which can help enormously in ridding the body of radiation chemicals and other toxins.   I am going to avoid using dairy products again, until I feel the situation has improved.  I think, if you are sensitive, that it is a good idea to grow your own greens indoors during this period of chemical instablity.  Read my post entitled

‘What Foods Can I Eat To Help Prevent Radiation Poisoning?”  and also “More Tips For Radiation” A reader  who is an eco-scientist has given  very valuable suggestions  on how soil can be improved, after it has been affected by radiation chemicals.  Find this in the comments column. I will put up a post on the information which he has provided.




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