NZ Free From Radiation Experts Say Can You Believe Them 2011

Experts Claim NZ Free of Risk of Radioactive Fallout

Update today 4th April 2011 – The pollution has dispersed today here at Orewa Beach, Auckland New Zealand.  For around two weeks now there has been poison in the air which has been very bad for the nervous system, and the immune system.  But perhaps we may not have to put up with these injurious fumes forever – Today, we have a reprieve, and the air is ALMOST  breathable again, although the poison is still in the air.  My eyes still burn, throat glands are still swollen, and sinuses and lungs are still irritated.

We have had some southerly breezes which might have helped disperse the fumes a bit.

It is possible that we had a  random cloud of pollutants coming from Japan – or even from Thailand/Burma area where there have also been bad earthquakes in the past two weeks, which could have caused chemical fires. Let’s hope that the air clears soon, otherwise we will all suffer breathing difficulties before long.  The longer we breathe this pollution – radiation and smoke from chemical fires – the worse our health will suffer, and the more people will suffer cancers and nervous afflictions.

Today, 31 March 2011, I awoke at 4 AM NZ time almost unable to breathe.   The effects of the pollution on my health,  here at Orewa beach, Auckland, New Zealand, are now much worse than so far experienced:  Thursday Friday last week were especially bad – I could taste iodine very strongly on those days and had many other sudden symptoms of poisoning.  Over the past few days, the poisoning levels seemed to have dropped again, although I could still detect poison in the air outside and have been hibernating to avoid being in this air and breathing it in. This could because of changing wind patterns, or it could be that there is much more poisonous material entering the environment, or that it takes ten days to two weeks  for the stuff to get down here. I first felt the effects of radiation were here about 10 days after the disaster at Fukushima)

Today, Thursday, I was awoken at 4 AM with a dreadful poison in the house.  I had left the bathroom windows open.  I have been shutting all windows. It is just over a  week since I  first detected poison in the environment in large amounts:  The levels seemed to subside after a few days,  and the earlier part of the week was relatively better, although the poison was still in the air, and I have been taking precautions.  But today, the situation has gotten worse again.  Again, i have burning eyes and feel my nervous system being affected adversely.  A constant headache is with me, and there is a feeling of mild nausea.  Pins and needles have started to occur on the scalp.

By the end of the day I was feeling very ill,  had streaming eyes, enormous headache,  and  a temperature with a feeling of burning hands and feet, sore eyes, and slight but worrying pains at the nape of the neck.

Today, 1 April 2011 the situation is dire again, although I would say not quite as bad as  yesterday, 31st March 2011, at Orewa beach.

Today, the 1st April, I am in Auckland City, at my daughter’s place, and the situation is the same here. Having windows or doors open, or walking outside in the ‘fresh’ air makes me feel just so incredibly ill now. I long for the predicted rain this afternoon – This should disperse the radiation and poisons from the fuel fires somewhat.  Although, it is best to avoid being in this acid rain which falls at the moment – This has killed several of my  bean plants, and a couple of other plants in the garden have had their leaves burned, including a pineapple sage.   The bean which was sheltered by other plants over by the fence was not affected.

I have found that covering up all areas of the skin does help, if you need to do any walking.  Wearing sunglasses helps the eyes too.  Blindness can occur because of high levels of radiation – but even with the levels we are receiving now, which will be minimal comapared to what Japanese people are enduring, I find my eyes are suffering.

Of course, it is a mixture of toxic things in the air which are causing these ill effects:  For one, we have the major nuclear disaster.  Two days ago we learned that plutonium has been detected in the environment now, as well as radioactive iodine and caesium.  The sea is polluted with radioactive elements around the Fukushima nuclear power plant.  The stuff is spreading through the air and through the water. The most recent figure for the radiation levels pouring into the sea is 4,000 times the legal safe amount, but this figure seems to be increasing by the day (today update 2 April 2011)

Huge Oil Fires in Japan: But,  the radioactive  toxins entering the world-wide environment have been compounded by toxins from burning oil.   There have been huge oil fires in Japan since the earthquake and tsunami struck there. It is not inconceivable that the smoke from these fires in Japan has not come down to New Zealand.  After all, whenever Australia has big fires, we often can smell the smoke here in NZ,  and we can get ash falling on our clothes which are drying outside.  These fires can block out the sun here temporarily.

It was reported at the beginning of the disaster, after the earthquake and tsunami had hit on the 11 March, that large oil fires were burning at fuel plants in Japan.  The stuff coming from these oil fires is very toxic as well.  And these poisons, along with radioactive particles, have travelled to New Zealand already, in my experience.

I can taste an acrid taste in the air, and can smell something heavy and polluting.  The toxins affecting me right now will be derived from a combination of these poisons, radioactive elements and burning oil and other material.

NZ Free From Radiation Experts Say:

The NZ Herald yesterday – Wednesday, 30 March 2011 gave us this news article, written by Isaac Davison.

First of all, let me say that no scientist can accurately predict or determine  the effects of the nuclear fallout and burning fuel toxins which are coming from Japan.  This disaster is unprecedented.  Many of the radioactive poisons will not even be recognized yet by scientists and their equipment.

I do not believe, as th quoted scientist do, that the radiation is travelling along two distinct pathways, one straight to America:  I

Also, it is a proved fact, by research scientists, that just because a poison does not show up in analysis, it does not mean to say that the poison is not present in microdoses, or that there will be no effect.

It is possible for microdoses of poisons to be present in the atmosphere,  and for these to have a deleterious effect on life, albeit the dose being so small that  the poison cannot be measured.   See my post on Bee Colony Collapse Disorder.

This phenomenon has  been proved in one study done on bee colony collapse disorder, where bees were exposed to microscopic amounts of a nicotinoid poison which is known to affect bees. The bees which had been exposed to microscopic doses of poison showed health defects, even though the poison could not be detected in their systems. While there was no disernable amount of the nicotinamide on the bees, because of the microscopic dose they had been subjected to, all these bees became immune deficient which meant that they fell prey to  virulent disease.  The diseases they caught were a direct result of being exposed to poison, as this resulted in their immune systems becoming debilitated.  Although the bees died of diseases which resulted in bee colony collapse disorder, these disease were not the underlying cause  of the colony collapse – The underlying cause of the bee colony collapse was the microscopic doses of poison which they had been subjected to.

In yesterday’s paper, wide sweeping statements were made about how New Zealand could not possibly be affected.  Not for years and years, they indicated.

NZ safe from radiation, say experts reads the headline.

An illustration of how the wind blows takes a good proportion of the page. This strikes me as being an incredibly simplistic and childish concept: Sure, there are prevailing winds which will take the bulk of the radiaoactive material to certain predictable places, but the situation cannot be as clear cut as what these ‘experts’ have indicated.  These winds are not selective, not protective,  and they won’t contain all these radioactive poisons, and fuel toxins, in the way that these experts, and ourselves,  would hope they would.

For a start, I detected very poisonous elements here last week in New Zealand– Thursday and Friday were especially bad.  We have been told that these poisons have taken a bit over a week to arrive at America,, so this would take perhaps a few days longer for the stuff to get here in NZ. Apparently, the winds carrying these poisons are moving at about 80 ks an hour.  Although – again, how could you REALLY be sure of this?

But to get back to the newspaper article and its illustration: An equator line drawn across the middle of a crude map which places all the countries in danger being above this line, while all those below the equator are imagined to be safe.

In the newspaper illustration, an arrow indicates the wind whipping around radioactive material towards the USA , which we are told has moved at the rate of 80 ks per hour. Below the equator line is New Zealand, and we are clearly not at risk, according to this diagram: The symbols which indicate radiation show it moving in a direct line, in the opposite direction, away from New Zealand, below the equator.  You would almost be led into believing that all these air currents are contained in a type of plastic bag, and that this prevents their joining in with any other opposing current.  All the radiation will conveniently go to these other places, such as America, and South Korea, and Germany, and Great Britain, – every where in Europe, but it won’t come here, according to this article.

“World’s weather pattern will keep particles from Japan reaching us” is the sub-title.

“Radiation from the tsunami-damaged plant has been found in the United States, Canad, Iceland, Germany, China, and South Korea, but not in doses posing a health hazard”. – How do they know this?     The real  effects of radiation on human life has not been studied in depth,  due to the fact that we have not, until the Hiroshima bomb attack, the Chernobyll disaster, and now, the Fukushima disaster, had too many case studies to follow.

And then – this paragraph really gets me – ‘ “If (radiation) did ever get here, it would take months, maybe years, and only be in scientists’ interest,” said National Radiation Laboratory spokesman Peter Abernethy.’ Really?  Don’t give up your day job of reading the weather reports, I say.

Up date 31 March 2011 on Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima.

Evidence of Radioactive Iodine found in the Pacific say BBC at 4.15 AM New Zealand time.

This is not new news – we were told a few days ago that radiation had been detected in the sea, and one reporter said this had been detected 300 kilometres out from the shore.

Today’s figure given is 3,000 times above the legal limit within 30 kilometres out from Fukushima

4 of the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi will be decomissioned we were told today – but we knew this already. We were told last week that all the six reactors at the Daiichi plant were rendered useless the minute they began using sea water to try to cool down the reactors: The water poured onto the plant has washed into the sea, carrying radioactive materials with it.

All fish and sea weed will be polluted which will affect the food banks of the world, eventually.

Fishing is threatened. Thousands of fishermen up the coastline will have their livelihoods ruined.

Update:  April 1st 2011

Dangerous levels of radiation are now around the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station.  These levels are rising – it was reported to be 3000 times greater than the safe level yesterday, but this level is now said to be 4000 times the safe level.  Radioactive material is leaking through underground tunnels into the sea, and these leaks have not been stopped yet.

ANTI NUCLEAR PROTESTS IN JAPAN;  The japanese public have demonstrated in Tokyo against nuclear power plants, and have requested that all the 55 nuclear power plants in Japan be taken down.  A spokesman for the protest said that the way we live must change, and the emphasis  which nations put on on industrialism must also change.

The manager of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant was not able to talk yesterday to address the Japanese public, as he was in hospital suffering high blood pressure.  The Chairman of the nuclear plant apologized to the people of Japan and to the world for the environmental disaster which has occurred because of the collapse of the nuclear plant.


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