NZ Indian Doctor Defends Himself on Campbell Live

New Zealand Social Issues:

Hamilton Doctor Faces Disciplinary Action

This is the front-page headline on the latest ‘Indian Newslink’, April 15 2011.  ‘Indian Newslink‘ is a New Zealand fortnightly paper, published in English, established since November 1999.

‘Campbell Live’ featured this story several nights ago, on New Zealand Channel Three. Good on you John Campbell for giving this man a chance.  Dr Saresh was interviewed at the site where he is on a self-imposed hunger strike.  One of his patient has joined him in his protest against the medical authorities.

Dr Suresh Kumar Vatsayann is on a hunger strike to protest against the action taken against him.  He has had his clinic shut down pending the outcome on allegations that he is guilty of professional misconduct in his medical practice at Hamilton. Dr Suresh believes that the authorities have ulterior motives behind their accusations, and he believes that the plot against him has been fabricated.

Objections have been made about the fact that his wife, who is trained to give injections, though is not a qualified nurse, has been giving injections in the clinic.  She has also taken some cervical smear tests which authorities say she is not allowed to do.

Dr Saresh  has been accused of registering people who have died on his enrolment and registration records:  An East Auckland based GP  has thrown doubt on this accusation  against Dr Saresh being accurate:  He has told ‘Indian Newslink’ that this is actually very difficult thing to get away with, as there are “checks and balances” in place which ensured that there was no foul play. This is reported in the ‘Indian Newslink’ article.

Dr Suresh has been running a clinic with some free services for people who need them.


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