NZ Labour leader Phil Goff Interviewed By Rachel Smalley

Frontline Programme NZTV Channel Three with Rachel Smalley/Phil Goff

Today is the 28th April 2011.  Yesterday mornming, on NZTV Channel 3, we had Phil Goff talking with Rachel Smalley.  It was really good to see Phil in good form, and I think that this had a lot to do with the lovely Rachel Smalley, who has a very gentle and gracious approach to interviewing.

Rachel asked Phil Goff questions which gave him the opportunity to describe the main issues his party will bring into force once, and if, it becomes the government at the election later this year.

Number one was to address the needs of the rising class of poor, who have little or no opportunity to get ahead, and who are struggling desperately to feed and clothe their children.  Even working people in labouring jobs get the minimum wage of around $12 per hour, which does nothing towards keeping a family nourished, when rents here are so exorbitantly high.  Housing itself is a difficult thing to come by:  Even before the Christchurch earthquake, which has brought many people to Auckland in search of jobs and houses, Auckland rents for an average, run-down house, exceed $400 per week, which is very near the amount you would earn on the minimum wage.

One good thing, which Labour are promising to change, is the GST tax on fresh food and produce. The National Party brought in a higher GST tax last year, which has effectively brought about a dramatic increase in food prices.  This GST addition is really hitting poor families very hard.  Many more children in NZ are now going to school without adequate or nourishing food to keep them going during the day.  The Labour idea of taking off the GST tax on fresh fruit and vegetables, and milk, hopefully, will go a long way towards helping these families in need.

Labour Will Stop The Sale of New Zealand Assets The fast-track sale of assets which is happening under the National Government, really must be stopped.  If National carries on selling up our land, our electricity companies, the oil off our shores, and the soil beneath our feet.  It seems that we do not have a say at all under National government:  All New Zealanders should be consulted about important issues such as these.  Kiwis are mostly against the idea of selling assets, as anyone with any common sense at all should be.

Phil Goff spoke about his concerns over the sale of assets with Rachel smalley, and said that this was a major issue which the labour Government would address:  Let’s hope that  they are given the opportunity to try to restore the damage national has done, and that New Zealand  people vote them in to power in the 2011 elections.


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