NZ Labour Phil Goff With Petra Baghurst 19 April 2011

Labour Party’s Objectives for New Zealand:

Great show presented by Corin Dann and Petra Baghurst this morning, I thought. Interesting issues were presented,  such as the ones discussed by Phil Goff:

The Green Party paper on child abuse in New Zealand, and the need for intervention in cases of child abuse,


GST off Fresh Food,

The Christchurch situation.

Labour Party leader Phil Goff Interviewed on Breakfast Show:  Great to see impartial and fair interviewing by TV presenters today.

Of course, I really enjoyed Phil Goff being given a very fair go as he spoke with Petra Baghurst about his vision for government, if the Labour Party is successful next election.

The Labour Party Will Remove GST On Basic Necessities:  Labour want to take off the 15% GST which National have implemented:   The basic necessities have risen dramatically over the last two years:  the last thing low income earners need is GST added as well.

Food is more  costly in New Zealand than anywhere else in the developed world, and poor families, working families on low incomes, just cannot afford to eat the nourishing food they need to stay healthy. Children are suffering in many parts of the country because of not enough food being available, and because of resulting malnutrition due to the wrong, cheap, foods being eaten.

Violence and Child Abuse Related to Lack of Nutrients in Diet: Actually, lack of good food will be playing a part in the rising levels of family violence and child abuse which we have seen in the past year.  So ensuring that families can eat well should help to lower these alarming statistics of family violence and child abuse, in my opinion.  Good plan to lift GST by  Phil Goff and Labour Party.

Alcohol Abuse in Family Violence/Child Abuse: I think it would be very good, as well, to do something more about alcohol abuse:  Everybody, from any walk of life, can become a victim of alcohol, but poorer families who are finding it hard to cope financially, will be especially prone to using alcohol as an escape.  And alcohol leads to family violence and abuse.

Too Much Bread/ Hamburgers/ Pasties:  When fruit and vegetable prices become prohibitive for families, then they tend to eat more of the farrinacious foods, or wheat-based foods, like bread, pasta, pastries, and sugar.  Carbohydrates are necessary for sustaining life, and these are found in all fruits and vegetables.  Wheat flour  is a carbohydrate food, but wheat causes obesity and malnourishment when it is used as a substitute for a variety of fresh greens, vegetables and fruits, which is why a steady diet of hamburgers and pizza is so bad for you.

Phil Goff On Obesity: Phil Goff said that Auckland University obesity research has recommended that the best thing the government can do to prevent obesity is to take GST off fresh food and vegetables.  Obesity is a big problem in New Zealand, as it is all over the developed world now:  It is good to see the Labour Party giving this issue serious consideration.

Phil Goff was asked how he was going to do this, since changing the GST tax could be difficult and costly.  Phil said that it is important to change it – that New Zealand is one of the few places in the Wester world which has GST tax on fresh fruit and vegetables (and basic necessities such as milk, I should imagine).

Can We Remove the GST off Fresh Fruit and Vegetables?  Of course it can be done: It will surely be no more difficult for Labour to remove the GST tax on fresh fruit and vegetables, as it was for National to initialize  the GST tax in the first place.

On Christchurch:   Helping the Unemployed in Christchurch is a priority for the Labour Government.  One consequence of the Christchurch earthquake is that there are 9,000 people unemployed in Christchurch.  There is a mammoth amount of rebuilding to be done, of houses, roads, services, the works.

Phil Goff said that there are no training programmes in place for the upskilling of people in Christchurch.  Getting training programmes in place in Christchurch is a priority for the Labour Government.  At present, there  is  still so much work to be done in Christchurch, but so many unskilled people who are unable to do the tasks at hand.


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