NZ National Politician Does Unethical Cooking Show

NZ National Government Use Underhand Tactics To Gain Press Time

Cheap Adverrtising for the government of the day. Pretty dodgy. This government really takes the cake for devious ploys.

“Let Them Eat Soup” the advertisement reads.  Paula Bennett stands there, ready with her big soup ladle in hand, ready to dole out soup to the poor.

The reference “Let Them Eat Soup” is an allusion to Marie Antoinette, from the time before the French Revolution, who had no idea how difficult it was for the poor to survive.  While she lived in luxury, with the best of foods, and every home comfort,  people were starving.  She famously said, when someone said that the poor had no bread:  “Well – Let Them Eat Cake”.

Paula Bennett got votes because she had lived in a state house, so people voted her in because they thought that she understood their situation. John Key also played on the state house up bringing to get votes. .  But what is this? Goodness – a state house is a luxury.  Poor people today have little chance of getting a state house, and I would say that these politicians have no idea of how difficult it is for people to survive in New Zealand right now.  We have some of the highest rents and house prices in the world.  And now – June, 2011, National have brought higher GST tax on essential foods, given themselves and all other rich people tax cuts, while the poor get nothing, and they are threatening to cut the already low minimum wage to just half for all young working people.

Now vegetable soup is a marvellous and hearty food for families.  It is usually inexpensive, too, although with National’s GST added to the price of fresh  fruit and vegetables, hearty vegetable soup will not be the cheap food to make which it once was.  Good on you Phil Goff for announcing that taking off this GST from fresh foods and basics will be a priority for your government.

This new cooking show, which will feature National party Paula Bennet, is a very devious ploy by the National Party, to gain influence on television during prime time.  Cooking shows are generally very popular, so one will expect that many people will see this show.  It could influence voters hugely.

Now what would  happen  if Labour went to TVNZ to request  that they run a parallel show?  Would TVNZ channel one agree to Labour having an equivalent time on air?  And would the Herald on Sunday devote the front page of its television programme booklet  to a Labour politician?   My guess is “NO”, though,  to be fair,  that is what should happen.

Here we go again.  This  plump polititian, who featured on the TV Times part of Sunday’s Herald, April 17th, 2011, is going to run a soup kitchen. “Let Them Eat Soup” is the caption alongside her photograph. She is an obese individual who looks as if she might do well to eat only soup for several weeks herself, but the National party have organized her to strut her stuff on television, in a programme called “Let the Politician Work”.

I object to the idea of any politician appearing on a prime time television programme such as a cooking show. It is  also a misleading concept, as people will perceive this politician as being a helper of the poor, when in fact, she will only be making her soup for the poor to raise her steaks (???) in the election.  If the Labour Party are not given an equal opportunity, and I guess that they won’t be given the chance, then this is extremely unfair and unethical.

National are capitalizing on all the air time given to them because of the Christchurch earthquake disaster.  This, I think, is the reason they are so much higher in the polls than Labour right now.  Though this state of affairs will change, I believe.

John Key, only because he is the prime minister, has been high profile ever since the Christchurch earthquake. He is on television every few days, talking about the Christchurch earthquake, mainly, having usurped Mayor Bob Parker’s rightful role as Mayor and spokesman for Christchurch.  Having created  a special government department which will control the rebuilding of the city of Christchurch, will only serve to highlight  John Key and his parliamentarians even more.  Now they will have on-going opportunities to promote their party – Every time there is a new development, or a crisis in Christchurch, there they will be, in our faces, on National TV, either Key or Brownlee..  It won’t be Mayor Bob Parker who will naturally take the lead on television or in public – No – his  authority has been undermined by the special government department newly created by National  to ‘help Christchurch’ on its road to recovery.

But really, the National party politicians are the ones who will gain most out of this Christchurch-recovery venture.  And they also serve to gain plenty by  Paula Bennett’s wielding of the old soup ladle on television.


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