NZ Nats Sell New Zealand Prime Agricultural Servicing To China

Please Stop Assets Sales To China

National Is Selling PGG Wrightson To Chinese Company Agria

Please note:  Most of us in New zealand have no issue with Chinese people living in New Zealand, but we are very very worried about the sale of our assets to China.  This will mean that our economy and all our produce will be controlled directly by China, if Chinese interests are allowed to buy up our land and companies such as PGG Wrightson.

This is a serious worry for all New Zealanders:  PGG Wrightson is new Zealand’s PRIME AGRICULTURAL SERVICING COMPANY.  Wrightsons has been around for decades.

I remember the Wrightson man coming around to my fathers farm to check when seed should be harvested:  Wrightsons and Dalgettys (?) were the prime marketers of grain and grass seed and many other agricultural goods in New Zealand.

The national government of New Zealand is busy selling off land, oil,  electricity companies- everything it possibly can, despite New Zealanders being dead against this plan.
Even the business community is against John key’s selling off of New Zealand assets.

The National party is using the Christchurch earthquake disaster as an excuse to sell off assets.  At the same time, they are being unnecessarily extravagant in other quarters:  The parliamentary limousines were all updated recently.  Instead of keeping the old ones, which were still newish good vehicles, they spent millions on brand new cars.  This money could have gone to help the  Christchurch recovery plan

The National government have unnecessarily set up a government department specially for the Christchurch recovery.  Christchurch people did not need the government to step in to tell them how to rebuild their city in the first place.  Creating another government department always spells huge running costs.  It is extremely impractical cost-wise to have officials in Wellington in charge of this rebuilding project, as Christchurch, where the earthquake struck, is on another island, miles away from the seat of government.  This will mean that huge costs for transport  to and from Christchurch, and accommodation in Christchurch, will have to be paid for.  All this money could have gone directly to Christhchurch.

Yesterday, 21st April 2011, our television news told us that John Key’s government is giving 36 million dollars to New Zealand yachties for the Americas Cup race.

Yesterday’s Herald April 20th 2011 had a photo of John key on its front page – a small one, but you couldn’t miss it.  With it went the caption “What John Key is Wearing at the Royal Wedding”, or something similar.

Why does the Herald insist on putting such trivialities on the front page, when there are seriously important issues to consider, such as the oil drilling by Petrobras on the East Cape, the sale of large amounts of land,  prime dairy farms under target by Chinese government, and now the sale of our prime agricultural company, which deals in the seeds which our agriculturalists produce, to China.

to be continued…


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