Oil Spills North Sea Show Ocean Oil Drilling Risky For NZ

Oil Spill By Shell Oil In Scottish Waters:  The ‘Herald On Sunday’, August 14, 2011, had an article about the recent oil spill on the Scottish east coast, 180 kilometres from Aberdeen.  This should be a warning to the New Zealand government, who have given the Brazilian oil company Petrobras to drill in the waters off the East Coast of New Zealand.  The New Zealand government is also considering letting other companies come here to drill for oil in our oceans.

We have been told by Petrobras, at a special meeting where they invited the public to attend,  that ‘new technologies’ will make these oil operations safe.  And the government here is continually trying to drum this idea into us.    But the evidence shows otherwise – that the new technologies in oil drilling are NOT enough to protect our environment from oil spillage.  This  most recent oil spill in the North Sea proves the point:  Whilst oil drilling  is still allowed in the oceans, there will always be oil spills.

This oil spill in the North Sea, near Aberdeen, should be big news on BBC television.  Maybe the Brits are getting more on this news than we are,  but the environmental problem in the North Sea seems to have little relevance to the BBC news people, who place the troubles in Libya as being far more important than anything else, if we are to take the hours and hours of the Libyan drama which are shown in NZ through the night, as being any indication of their priorities.  I wonder – does oil have any bearing on this issue, too?  Probably.

Oil Drilling Is a Bad Idea:  The oil field off the coast from Aberdeen, has been welcomed by the government there, in the hope that it will generate money to ‘rein in its record deficit and revive growth’.  This is a mistake, and a mistake which our own government in New Zealand is making.  It is a mistake, because all oil operations are poisonous to the environment, and because oil resources are not infinite.  This means that the whole idea of drilling for minerals and oil to make money for a country has a limited time frame.  Once the resources are gone – then what?  Then we are left with nothing in the ground anymore – and the lack of all the vital elements in the earth influences  weather, and causes earthquakes, tornadoes and volcanic eruptions.  Messing about with gasses oil and minerals underground, and sucking them all dry,  affects the magnetic forces in the earth,.  This depletion changes the vibrational frequency of whole regions, which causes dramatic upheavals in weather and ‘natural’ environmental disasters.

Toxic Chemicals in Oil:  The end result of oil drilling in the ocean, and mining for gold and other minerals, is that the environment suffers.  Money will be made for a while, which will benefit mainly the shareholders in the companies involved, and not the community at large.  There are always on-going messes to clean up from such industrial enterprises, and some of the damage can never be reversed.  When the Gulf of Mexico ‘accident’ happened, millions of living beings were affected, with many sea birds and fish dying.   The clean up over there is still going on, and people in the region are still dying of fast growing cancers and other mysterious diseases.  The incidence of cancer is always higher in areas where there is oil drilling activity – oil causes cancer.  But the oil spill has ruined many people’s lives forever, because of the  sicknesses it has brought, which they cannot overcome.


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