One Year Today Since Oil BP Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico

NZ Greenpeace Protest Against Oil Drilling April 21 2011

NZ Greenpeace is currently protesting down at East Cape New Zealand, against the Brazilian oil company drilling in our ocean.   The current National government under John Key’s leadership has allowed the exploratory drilling by Petrobras withou consulting  either Maori iwi from the area, or the general public.

We need the Labour government back in, headed by Phil Goff, to stop this risky venture,  and to stop the  foolhardy asset sales which National are hurrying to bring about.

This is an outrage, to allow such a dangerous enterprise  as this oil exploration, which will thtreaten the environment of New Zealand.  And to go ahead regardless of  good sense and what the public wants is both arrogant and stupid..  This land belongs to all of us living here, and decisions about its welfare should not be confined just to this mercenary group of  money-oriented National party politicians.

New Zealand is such a tiny country which would be truly devastated should an oil  ‘accident’ occur in our waters.

Unfortunately, our news media here has  not given us much on the Greenpeace flotilla’s progress, except to tell us that the police stopped the  protest boats from going near the Brazilian vessel yesterday (20th April 2011)

Today – April 20 2011 – A year ago today is the day of the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

This disaster spilled huge volumes of oil straight into the ocean for days on end.

Like stopping radiation leaks at Fukushima, the oil leaks were not so easy to fix, and this resulted in massive contamination of the ocean, with fish and bird life populations severely decimated.   The birds and fish  which did survive may be very ill for the rest of their days, and be rendered sterile.   Many people have suffered because of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Food From Ocean Contaminated: But that is not the end of it, just because the gushing of oil into the ocean has been stemmed.  Many people have had their food sources from the sea rendered  permanently useless because of the contamination from the oil.  And many people along the coast have reported terrible sickness since this disaster.

Oil Contains Carcenogenic Chemicals:  Cancer is rife among people who live in oil towns, such as those in Ecuador, where oil has been extracted from the earth since the 1970’s.  Cancer will be one of the degenerative diseases which will develop along the coast around the Gulf of Mexico, as the residues of oil get washed to the shore.

Oil drilling on dry land does no good for the health of the local people, or the people who work in the industry.

All Ocean Drilling Should Be Stopped:  This is because the potential for an ocean oil well going wrong is very real.  All we need in New Zealand is a big earthquake and tsunami to shake the machinery apart, and we will have an extremely catastrophic event on our hands which we won’t be able to control.  Like the BP Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, like the Fukushima nuclear power plant leaking radiation, we will be  as helpless when it comes to stopping the continued leaks of toxic material into the environment.  All life on earth suffers when these types of calamities strike:  The people living in the area will suffer immediate effects on their health, as will the local environment.

Ocean drilling anywhere in the world really must be stopped.


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