Planetary Positions 23 December 2011Christchurch Earthquake

Astrological Predictions:  Ken Ring is the expert on the matter of predicting earthquakes and strange weather phenomenon, as far as I am concerned.   However, anyone with an ounce of intelligence, such as myself, can easily recognize that the motion of the planets and their relationship to each other and the earth has a marked  influence on pretty much every aspect of living on the earth.  Just as the moon affects the tides, pulling that massive volume of sea water about all over the world, day in and day out, the motion of the planets, and their relationship to each other and the earth, also affects physical changes here on earth and in the way we think and act.  And if you care to check the planetary positions for the days of the earthquakes, you are likely to see some sort of pattern there.

You can check up the angles of the planets by looking on-line at the ephemeris readings for 23 December 2011.

Retrograde planets – planets which seem, from the earth, as if they are going backwards – put a tension on the earth.  This tension is compounded when the retrograde planet, or planets, are in challenging positions to other major planets, including the Sun.  Saturn and Jupiter are often involved, and little Mercury, who moves very fast, manages to exert an often troublesome influence on the other larger planets, especially when it is in its Retrograde cycle, which is around four times a year, lasting for three weeks each time.  Mercury speeds up just after it goes Direct again, just as the other planets do, to make up time on its orbit, and this also has an influence on the earth, the other planets, and the way we think and feel.  Mercury had just gone Direct on the 14th December 2011, just nine days before the earthquakes on the 23rd December in Christchurch.

Weather patterns can be discerned from the movement of the moon and the stars, which is Ken Ring’s expertise, and when planets are in extremely challenging positions to the earth, likely times of earthquakes or other physical disturbances can also be predicted.  That does not mean that every time the planets are putting pressure on the earth that an earthquake will occur – location and other factors will all have a bearing on this, and how the tension exerted from the planets will take effect.

But the  most vulnerable times, the most likely times for an earthquake to strike somewhere in the world, can often be detected, if you have the time to pore over your ephemeris for long enough.  The thing is that you need to be an experienced astrologer to take all the short cuts, otherwise you could spend weeks on end examining the daily positions of the stars before you found that vulnerable day.    And then you might have missed an even more vulnerable time a few days or a few months ahead, simply because you did not look that particular day up in your ephemeris, to see that the planets were in threatening positions on that day, or days.

For most of us amateur astrologers, it is easy to see a pattern if we look up the positions of the planets AFTER the event of an earthquake, but it’s not so easy to see one coming, because of the massive amount of work involved in drawing up charts for the years to come, to work out those most vulnerable times.  Which is why Ken Ring is worth his weight in gold.  And if he had been consulted on his earthquake predictions for Christchurch, instead of being banned from making any forecasts, Christchurch could have avoided much wastage of money on rebuilding the Cathedral, and on rebuilding many of the roads which have just been destroyed again in the pre-Christmas earthquakes.

It is interesting to look at what the planets were doing on the 23rd December 2011, the day of the Christchurch earthquakes.  There were several large quakes on this day, the first striking just before 2PM at 1.59PM daylight saving time.  Daylight saving puts our time one hour ahead of normal time.  This first earthquake was around 5.6 or 5.8 magnitude on the Richter scale.  A larger one of 6.0 magnitude followed at 3.19PM, and another at 5.8, and another at 5.0 at around 5PM.  So what was happening with the planets?

A quick glance at the ephemeris for this date shows several things of striking importance:

The Sagittarian line-up shows great tension.  Four factors are placed in Sagittarius, all of which have the potential to create stress and distress, given that they are combined in effect.  These conjunctions in Sagittarius all happen to be in Square to Mars.  Mars in Square to a combination of other planets in close aspect are often a trigger for physical destruction of some sort.

As mentioned above.  Mercury has just gone Direct.  It is in Sagittarius at 9 degrees, 9 days after it finished its Retrograde cycle, and it is speeding onwards faster than any moving planet at this stage.

The Moon’s Node is also in Sagittarius, at 14 degrees.  It moves into Retrograde on this day, the 23rd December 2011, which it holds for one week before going Direct.  The Moon’s Node has an effect on emotional aspects of life and is associated with karmic forces, life and death.

The Sun was just LEAVING Sagittarius on this date, moving into Capricorn.  I haven’t done the sums, but it is likely it was still just on the cusp in Sagittarius, which would create another tension to add to the already volatile mix.

The Moon is in Sagittarius on this date.  The Moon is a powerful force which affects emotions, home life, and the forces of nature including the tides.  Most of the time it exerts a calming, romantic and reflective influence on our being, but when it combines with other more volatile forces, it can exacerbate the distrubing effect of those forces.  On this day, it had come right around the earth through the zodiac signs, to ‘HIT’ the Moon’s Node and Mercury.

And this is what has happened – These combination of  forces, all capable of spilling the beans, combined in Sagittarius on the day of the earthquakes 23rd December, to create more havoc in Christchurch.

On their own, they may not have created such mayhem, with earthquakes which continued over several hours as if they were separate earthquakes, and not simply ‘after-shocks’.

But wait – there is more – Not only but also:  Jupiter, one of the largest planets, was due to go Direct the following day.  That meant that it was at the end of its Retrograde cycle, which lasted for almost four months.  This time of change-over is the time when much pressure is put on the earth.  Jupiter has a huge influence on the earth at this point, as it has been sitting at this point of 0 degrees in Taurus for almost three weeks now.  This gives the feeling of great weight on earth, as this gigantic planet is sitting heavily in the sky, like a gigantic truck run out of gas, causing a traffic jam, waiting to be refuelled to continue its positive course again.  The thing which intensified this feeling of tension, and which would have brought extraordinary pressure onto the earth and its people, was that Jupiter was  EXACTLY in  opposition to Saturn at 27 degrees Libra.

Saturn in opposition to any planet always represents challenges and difficulties to overcome.  Saturn opposite Jupiter would mean sudden dives in fortune at the best of times:  Note – Astrologers in the past  have often observed  a correlation between major earthquakes and stock market dives.

 Sun/Pluto which were on the cusp of  Sagittarius/Capricorn were in Trine to Jupiter at 1 degree Taurus, but were SQUARE to Uranus which was at 1 degree Aries.:  And the effect of this Square is made more poignant because Uranus also, like Mercury, has just gone Direct.  It went Direct on the 10th December 2011.  To top it all off, we have Saturn in Square to Sun/Pluto, and opposite Uranus.

Uranus can send a sudden and violent impact to Jupiter when it is is in conjunction, or at a 30 degree angle, or at a Square or even Trine angle to another planet.   Such a threatening or challenging line-up occurred on the 23rd December, 2011, because this Jupiter/Uranus aspect was in a pertinent relationship to Sun and Pluto.  Sun was at 0 degrees Capricorn, or just before that, in Sagittarius, and Pluto was at 6 degrees Capricorn, 120  and 90 degrees away from Jupiter/Uranus respectively. A Trine and a Square.

120 degrees is a Trine, which is usually regarded as benign and helpful. A Square is 90 degrees, which is considered challenging.  However, the power of this configuration would be potentially harmful, with excessive energy and tension unresolved, because of Jupiter being at the intense part of its Retrograde cycle, in aspect with Uranus, and trined by Pluto/Sun.   Pluto works a little like Mercury – It is quite a small planet by comparison with the other planets, yet it can have a sudden,  dynamic and often catastrophic effect when in combination with other forceful planets.

People who are vulnerable, and vulnerable spots in the earth’s crust, may be noticeably affected by Jupiter awaiting to go Direct again. It is like people with stretched nerves who are almost at breaking point – any extra tension at this point can send them right over the top and through the roof.  And this tension coming from Jupiter’s change-over, especially with the tension already created by the Sagittarian combinations, will have had a marked effect on our earth as well as affecting our own emotional and physical state.

Think back to the day:  I know I was feeling really dreadful several hours just prior to that first earthquake hitting.  And this is why some of us sometimes psychically sense that an earthquake is happening – because we are already in tune to the distressing tension which the planets are exerting prior to the earthquake.  I felt so bad, and ill, that I turned back from catching the bus to a family Christmas Party.  I was due to catch the bus at 10 minutes to 3.  This was after the first earthquake at roughly 2PM, and just half an hour before the biggest one of all at 3.19PM.  The bus came up and stopped, but I was so worried about the safety of my house, I turned back.  I have NEVER done this before.  Got home.  Turned on the television, and heard the news about the earthquakes.

I think I was right in perceiving that my house was vulnerable at this time.  This kind of planetary pressure exerts an influence on the earth and affects every aspect of life – stock markets, decision making, nerves, as well as on the minds of those more unsettled or unscrupulous people who might be likely to throw a brick at your window just for the hell of it.




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