Prediction Psychic Says No More Big Earthquakes In Christchurch 2011

Christchurch Safe Now:  Bernhard Peterson, a psychic healer who passed away on the 30th December 2010,  has sent a message from Spirit saying that no more big earthquakes will come to Christchurch for a long time now.  He gave me this message early this morning in reply to a  Christchurch correspondent who sent in her dream for interpretation.  The message said plainly “Christchurch girl thinks that there will be another big earthquake in Christchurch.  But this earthquake will not come for a long time now.  Tell her not to worry.  Christchurch will be OK for a while.”

So many psychics have predicted more earthquakes for Christchurch, but how do we know when the danger has passed?  How can we stop worrying about the event of another earthquake, when we half expect another big one to strike any minute?   It is a shame that Ken Ring has been silenced on matters of earthquakes in New Zealand, as he is a man with great ability in this area.  Since the unwarranted demise of Ken Ring, especially by the media, as well as some government officials,  no-one dares to put dates on these speculations any more.

Well – take some solace in the prediction of Bernhard Peterson. His advice to Christchurch girl indicates clearly that she should not worry, because no big earthquake is imminent.

I think the most interesting thing about Christchurch girl’s dream is that her Gran, who passed away 22 years ago, is with her in her dream.  This should be taken as a comforting sign, and a reminder that our loved ones in Spirit are never that far away.  They are with us much of the time, trying to help and guide us into making good decisions.

Christchurch girl’s dream expresses anxiety, because of the worry about another earthquake occuring.  This is expressed by her fear that the roads will be blocked on the route to her Mum’s house.  There may be other interpretations one could read into this symbol of being cut off from Mother, but anxiety because of the threat of earthquake must surely be the obvious one.  This anxiety must be felt by many people in Christchurch right now.

If you have any ideas about the dream which this Christchurch girl has sent in, then please do send in a comment with your interpretation and insights.  Also – If you have any interesting dreams of your own which relate to the earthquake in any way, you might like to share them with our readers for interpretation.  Send them in to us here by using the ‘Comment’ facility which appears with each post.

So – take heart from Bernhard’ s advice to Christchurch girl.  Be happy.  Be glad to be alive.  Be good to your fellow men, and LOVE YOUR LIFE.


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