Protest Against Corporate Greed Auckland NZ 2011

New Zealand Occupation Protest  Against Corporate Greed Begins Aotea Square 17 October 2011

Supporting  London, European, and Wall Street Protesters. An occupation has begun in  Auckland’s Aotea Square, in support of the global protests against corporate greed and the part which the governments of the world play in keeping people poor.


Good on you Maori TV:  This story of the New Zealand protest was covered an hour ago on Maori Television.  Does John Key own the other television stations, I wonder?  Turn over to TV3 News, at 6 PM,  and nothing  on TV3 News tonight sbout  the 82 countries around the world who are currently protesting against corporate greed and social  inequality. 

TV3 Fails To Report Protest in Aotea Square and the 82 Countries Protesting  Against Corporate Greed and Austerity Measures to remedy debt crisis. 

And nothing on TV 3 at 6 PM  tonight, and nothing on TV1’s Close Up programme about the fact that New Zealanders have just joined the global protest,  in  Auckland’s Aotea Square.

John Key’s government interests are pro-corporate and do not consider the welfare of the environment or the people, if their money-making schemes such as ocean oil drilling are anything to go by. So John Key’s National  government and its policies should be a target for the protestors’ camping in Aotea Square tonight. It is certainly to John Key’s advantage that everybody in NZ is totally preoccupied with the Rugby World Cup going on here – and that the All-Blacks have just beaten the Australian Wallabies on Sunday.  No news is good news for John Key, I am sure, regarding the global protests against corporate greed and associated environmental disasters.

People were shown on Maori television tonight, at the Aotea Square demonstration and occupation,  sporting  NO OIL DRILLING IN  NZ signs.  John Key’s government has approved ocean oil drilling by Petrobras, just down the coast from where this Taurange Rena oil disaster has happened, after the Rena got shipwrecked.  Not enough time to capture TV1’s news tonight, but will check on their 10.30 PM  news later to see if there is any coverage of this global movement against corporate control of the world’s resources and its banking systems.

Meanwhile, it WAS reported on TV3’s news at 6 PM that the salvage workers are having difficulty in getting the rest of the oil off the Rena at Mt Maunganui, Tauranga.  There is supposedly 1300 more tonnes of it still to take off the Rena.  Only 70 odd tonnes were taken off today, so the TV3 news told us.  Bad weather is coming again, which will prohibit the salvage crew from doing any more work on the ship for a few days.  But working on the shipwrecked ‘Rena’; becomes more and more dangerous by the day, which makes it unlikely that an effective salvaging of the oil and shipping containers will actually happen.  By the time the next storm is over, the Rena is likely to be split in two, and its contents strewn into the harbour, to add to the oil already there.  More containers floating around in the harbour will be a danger to shipping of all kinds.

So – why did the  NZ National government say ‘yes’ to Petrobras’ Oil Drilling venture on the East Cape, knowing that even if we DID have the equipment and the expertise to deal with an oil spill, which we don’t, that we could not possibly ever clean it up? This Rena accident is simple by comparison with anything which could happen at the ocean drilling site of Petrobras, yet we still cannot deal with it.  It is all a terrible environmental disaster –

One that was waiting to happen, and one which could have been avoided if our government had acted promptly when the Rena first became shipwrecked.

So – Kia Kaha to all those protesters down in Aotea Square, in Auckland.  I will take some kai down to feed a few people, since, as I do not have a tent, and it is raining,  it  may not be possible for me to join the occupation.


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