Protests Globally Agin Corporate Greed 2011

Economic Protests In London, Greece, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, America October 14-15 October 2011

Massive Demonstrations Occurring In Europe Over Manipulation of Global Economy:   The G20 European Council Meeting is due  in Paris on the 23th October, 2011.   The idea is to solve the Eurozone Debt Crisis.  But tens of thousands of people have been protesting in many cities throughout Europe and the rest of the world about the real cause of the debt crisis, which is Corporate and Governmental control of the economy:  Corporate interests which have been put above the common welfare of the people  have resulted in poverty and social inequality throughout the world.

The  massive protests taking place are against corporate greed, and target bankers and politicians.  The Eurozone debt crisis should be paid by those who caused it, people believe, instead of penalizing the common people through taxes to pay for it.

Here in in New Zealand, we have been  happily unaware of the demonstrations which have been taking place in the big European cities, and in Tokyo, and in America, as we were engrossed in our rubgy matches.  While The Rugby World Cup  Wales versus France match was on last night, 15th October, 2011 in Eden Park, Auckland, New Zealand, huge demonstrations were taking place in Europe, Japan, and many other countries.  There were even demonstrations in Melbourne in Australia, apparently.

I bet the New Zealand Prime Minister John Key was awfully glad that the protests were confined to Australia and did not jump across the ditch to New Zealand,  He will be glad that we are so absorbed here with the Rugby World Cup, which goes on for one more week. The New Zealand All-Blacks play Australian Wallabies tonight in only an hour’s time.  Otherwise, there likely would have been protests here, too,  about the global economy and the escalating social inequality which  is the result of corporate greed.

Since John Key’s interests and that of his National government are pro-corporate – his oil-drilling projects which he has welcomed in NZ because of the money they will make  – mostly for the overseas corporate companies,  are an example of the National Party’s interests,  he likely would have been a target here for the anger of those experiencing hard times, as well as  from those ‘Greenies’ like myself, who strongly object to the exploitation of our beautiful country, and the environment generally, and to the economic policies and corporate greed which cause social inequality and a growing under-class.

The  oil spill in Tauranga, New Zealand, almost 2 weeks ago should be a lesson to him and his political cronies.  This is a little taste of what could happen if things go wrong at the Petrobras oil drilling site in the ocean a bit further south of Tauranga.

Another example of how John Key encourages corporate greed has been illustrated in his plan to pay young people around HALF the already pathetic minimum wage.  This, he stated, would benefit New Zealand because it would encourage overseas corporate companies to set up their business here.  This is EXACTLY the issue which protesters in 82 countries all around the world have been protesting about over the past week or more.  John Key’s idea is a terrible one, and one which should be condemned by EVERYBODY, no matter which party they vote for.  The minimum wage in New Zealand needs to be raised, which is what Labour’s Phil Goff has said that Labour will do if they win the election.  To even think that this pathetically low minimum wage should be made even lower just to benefit big corporate companies is unthinkable.  What planet does John Key from?  He pleads poor, reminding us of his state house upbringing – but when HE lived in a state house, things were very easy in New Zealand.  Food was cheap, and there were plenty of jobs to go around for everyone.  So he has no real experience of hardship, in actual fact.

The protests in Europe, where tens of thousands of people turned up to demonstrate in  massive joint protests against the global economy, were shown on BBC television in the early hours of the New Zealand morning, after our big rugby game had ended.

In Central Rome, the protest against corporate greed and the manipulation of the economy by banks and governments began peacefully, but violence broke out later in the demonstration.  Tear gas and water cannons were used to disperse the crowd.  In London, thousands of people gathered to protest against the global economy and for change.  The occupation of Wall Street began in September, but the numbers of protesters have grown hugely with the G20 talks drawing closer.

The occupation movement against corporate greed is also taking place in London, outside St Paul’s Cathedral, where many campers have their tents pitched.  The same is happening in Frankfurt, which is the centre of the Eurozone’s banking system.  In Tokyo, thousands gathered to protest about corporate control of the economy, and to make a plea to be nuclear free.  Tens of thousands also demonstrated in parts of Germany for change to the global economy.




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