Radioactive Fallout Affects Health In New Zealand

Radiation Levels Are high In New Zealand. 29 March 2011

I have already commented on the fact that my own health is suffering because of the radioactive fallout from Japan, the aftermath of the terrible earthquake/tsunami disaster.

These definite symptoms of poisoning have been with me now for about five days.  And it is not just I who suffers these strange symptoms. It turns out many of my friends are experiencing the same.

Many people have suddenly succumbed to colds and sore throats – I think Rachel Smalley from TV3 had a cold yesterday.  My son is suddenly feeling unwell. Many others too.

I have tasted iodine in the air:  Thursday Friday were days when this was very strong.  Then, over the weekend, the taste I could discern was more metallic, more heavy, like lead.  I guess this must be radioactive caesium:  This apparently takes longer to break down than iodine.

I have not checked any authority on the measured levels of radiation here in New Zealand, but from my own symptoms, I am certain that we are being affected already, and that everybody SHOULD be taking precautions.  I think it is extremely irresponsible for our government not to be encouraging people to do so.  They obviously have no idea about how the stuff can affect you.

I have stopped drying my washing outdoors.  It is drying in a rack inside right now.  Clothes left outside will get radioactive particles dropped onto them, and this will be an added source of radiation which your body will absorb.

I have stopped eating the beans from my garden, and all other herbs and vegetables too –  These will be covered with radiation poisons – incidentally, they have suddenly collapsed on me, looking as if the vines are suffering from the pollution as well.

What Foods Can i Eat To Prevent Radiation Poisoning?

Growing bean sprouts indoors is the safest way to procure your greens, providing you are using clean unpolluted water. As long as you have a clean supply of water, you can rely on rice and mung bean sprouts to keep you going.

My nervous system is affected quite profoundly – same sort of effect as if you are being poisoned by a large amount of insecticide or herbicide, such as when MAF were riddling Aucklanders with their apple moth spray, sprayed down aerially over large masses of Auckland.  Similar effect on the nervous system to when an overindulgence of alcohol has occurred (I have not had a drink for the past 12 years, but I know what this feels like)

Well, nobody has sprayed anything near my house.  I live right on the beach, and it was a great healthy spot before this nuclear disaster occurred in Japan, at Fukushima.  There is no other poison about except for the radioactive fallout.

I feel terrible – worse after being outside, for sure.  Neck glands in the thyroid area have been sore and swollen though they are not so bad today:  They were worst when i could taste the iodine very strongly, and, I think that maybe they were worse when I was walking around gaily last week, with no protective covering on my skin.  It helps to keep the body covered and not expose flesh to the elements.

I have made a solution of olive oil and kelp and have been rubbing this onto the soles of the feet, so that my iodine levels are kept high.  I have used just two heaped teaspoons of powdered kelp to about 150 mls of olive oil.  This is an economical way to use your kelp, though it is good also to add powdered kelp to your food.  Iodine from kelp, or spirulina,  or liquid iodine, fish,  or some other food, is important so that your body does not absorb the radioactive iodine which is in the air as a result of  the nuclear disaster. Buy up plenty of tinned sardines and tuna now, to ensure that these have been processed well before the Japanese nuclear disaster.

I have begun putting a scarf over my face, like the Japanese with their face masks.  Protecting the skin from this radiation stops the symptoms of tingling and smarting of flesh which has otherwise occurred.  I wear socks on my feet about the house, as I realized that the tingling and pains in the bones of the feet were arriving straight after I had been walking about my flat barefoot.  This is because we tramp the radioactive poisons inside on our shoes, and then, walking barefoot, they get absorbed into the pores of the skin.

My friend Bernhard Petersen  has come in spirit to say “You are right to take this radiation seriously, and it is good to write about it.  Be careful.  Lethargy is a symptom of radiation poisoning”.

My eyes are sore if I have been out walking.  I now wear sunglasses to try and protect my eyes from the poison.  This helps, though they still get exposed to the radiation.  I wear gloves when out walking, as I find that this stops  bone pain and pins and needles in the hands which result from walking around with this skin unprotected.

Dizzy, fuggy head, and sore lungs, as if I have been breathing insecticide in the air.

I am not drinking tap water for the meantime.  Don’t know what I will do once my bottled water runs out.  Let’s hope the Fukushima nuclear power reactors are brought under control soon, and that the radiation will be contained.  But this is, I think,  is wishful thinking, and so we will need to be prepared for these current hazardous conditions to remain with us for quite a while. This means buying bottled spring water, unless you are lucky enough to have a water tank, in which case you should disconnect the inlet pipes right away, if you haven’t done so already.  You should also cover the top of your tank,  to prevent the radioactive particles in the air from entering into your water.  Wish I was still on Waiheke Island, right now. Everybody has tank water over there.

If the radiation is bad now, in New Zealand, I pity the people of Japan who must be feeling very ill and lethargic.

I  hope that the leakages do not get worse, for the sake of the people in Japan, but also for ourselves –  that higher levels of radiation come our way.  It will take longer for many of us to succumb to cancer than if we lived in Japan, however, we will suffer all the same, – the effects will just take longer to manifest.

I have put up a couple of posts in the past week on how to reduce your exposure to the radiation in the New Zealand air.  Read these: Radiation Pollution in New Zealand, and Iodine Protects Against Radiation. These are about four or five posts behind this one.

It is better to err on the side of caution, even if you think you are not being affected.  Given time, it will be acknowledged that in the past week, many of us in New Zealand have already been affected adversely by the radioactive fallout coming from Japan.


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