Samoan Rugby Payers Fined By IRB For Mouthguards 2011

Samoan Tuilagi Brothers Fined $10,000 By International Rugby Board For Mouthguards

Manu Tuilagi plays for England. His brother Alesana Tuilagi plays for Samoa. Surely this is the meanest of tricks, to fine these two Samoan rugby players for a mouthguard which makes no difference whatever to their play.  Wearing a different mouthguard to the one specified by the International Rugby Board does not constitute cheating, and it cannot be identified by anyone unless you were to look directly into their mouths.  The wearing of a mouthguard, whatever the brand, would not affect your game of rugby, or make you win.  So why should this matter?

And to be fined $10,000 each is right out of proportion to the ‘offense’.  The wearing of a different mouthguard really should not be an offense anyway, but sponsorship contracts probably stipulate that specified mouthguards be worn.  Whatever the reason that only specified mouthguards be worn, it does not constitute cheating if you should wear something different to the one specified, which could suggest that these two players have been targeted because they are Samoan –

Looks Like A Case Of Discrimination:  Samoa is a tiny island with a population of  only around a million, I guess, which makes its people a minority group.  Minority groups are easy to victimize, and throughout society, throughout history, we see minority groups being targeted and being discriminated against.  – Whereas the large countries of the world who have large populations of white Europeans generally get let off the hook.

Case of Cheating By The English Team In Rugby World Cup Match :A contemporary example  of a big country with a ‘white’ player breaking the rules in order to WIN the game being in the case of England footballer Jonny Wilkinson, who  SECRETLY SWAPPED A RUGBY BALL THE OTHER DAY.  Jonny Wilkinson SUBSTITUTED HIS FAVOURITE BALL FOR THE ONE WHICH THE IRB HAD GIVEN THEM to use.  Jonny Wilkinson was not even fined for this offense.  Yet this offense surely was AN OFFENSE, because it was cheating.  Jonny Wilkinson cheated, using the ball which he favoured  which enhanced his goal-kicking ability, and this  resulted in England’s win.

The IRB has the power to knock you out of the play, even without a match of any kind:  Eliota Fuimaono-Sapolu who plays centre for the Samoan rugby team, has been suspended by the International Rubgy Board because he has criticized the Board’s dealings on Twitter.  He appeared a few nights ago on Mark Sainsbury’s ‘Close-Up’ programme.  Apparently, he also appeared on Channel Three’s ‘Campbell Live’ show.  He has studied law and is going to do his best to fight the ruling by the Board which has temporarily put him off the field for Samoa.

The All-Blacks are also getting a bit pissed off with the  unfair rulings by the International Rugby Board, according to recent reports.  The latest of these reports is one on the front page of ‘The New Zealand Herald’ today, Thursday, October 6, 2011.    The All-Blacks  have indicated that they will not be attending the next Rugby World Cup in four years’ time unless the IRB change their sponsorship rules.

The New Zealand Rugby Union  have apparently lost $39 Million over the Rugby World Cup this year, whilst the International Rugby Board has made $300 Million.


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