Saturn Retrograde Spate of Earthquakes and Violence April 2013

Saturn Retrograde Effect: Boston Bombings.  Earthquakes In Iran and China.

from Canon 259(1)Photo by Lok. 2012.

Suicides will be on the increase, as will violence done to others, due to Saturn being Retrograde right now.  The intensity of the Saturn Retrograde aspect will increase as we head on towards July, when the tension exerted from the Retrograde Saturn will be at its zenith.  More alcohol abuse and family violence will be witnessed during this time, between now and July 2013.

I recently wrote that Saturn’s influence is being seen right now, with the incidence of earthquakes, volcanic eruption, tornadoes, and violence of many kinds being on the increase.

This situation will continue until early July 2013, when Saturn goes Direct again.  Naturally, earthquakes and other natural phenomenon will continue after this time, but there will be a notable increase in these phenomena until then.  The next volatile period will be over the few days when Mercury goes Direct – just before and around the 21st of July, 2013.

Read Merrilyn’s other post which mentions Saturn Retrograde, and Mercury changing from Retrograde motion to Direct:  Spate of Earthquakes Comes With Rain In Auckland March 17 th, 2013. And more recently:

Note on the 10th July, 2013:  Saturn went Direct on the 8th July, 2013, at 1.11PM New Zealand time.  This has lightened the load for many of us, but Mercury is still Retrograde until the 21st July – probably 22nd July for NZ – so important decisions are best left until after that time.

The most vulnerable times for sudden events on Earth, until then, are at Full Moon, New Moon, and whenever Moon or Sun strikes the spot where Saturn currently is, which is called a Conjunction, or when Moon or Sun is in Square or Opposition to the current placing of Saturn Retrograde.  People approaching their ‘Saturn Return’, which happens around the age of 28-30 will be experiencing difficulties in their personal life, or with their health.  It is no surprise that one of the two suspected of the Boston bombings was 27 or 28 years old – the one who was killed by police in a shoot-down was around this age – although this has no bearing on whether he was guilty of the crime or not.

Saturn Retrograde right now is making everything a bit shaky.  It is also making unstable people even more unstable and negative.  The Boston bombings fit in with the Saturn influence.

Of course, not everybody will become extra violent, or think thoughts of self destruction such as suicide, but the tendency is there for all of us.  These things will be more pronounced if your own Saturn and other relevant Planets are in aspect to the current Saturn Retrograde.

So – being forewarned is being forearmed in this case.  If you are feeling bouts of depression more frequently right now, or just cannot get ahead with those projects you have been planning so well, then put it down to Saturn.  Things are likely to improve for you after July 7th, 2013, when Saturn goes Direct again.  Of course, there are always challenges in our charts, not necessarily those imposed by Saturn.  But at least the Saturn challenge will be gone for a stretch of time again, after July.

Meanwhile, we cannot do anything about the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes and tsunamis which will continue to come.  But you can be prepared, making sure that your house is as stable as it can be, with no heavy objects above your head which could strike you in the event of an earthquake.  Keep a first-aid kit handy.  Keep a supply of food and water available, enough to feed your family and yourself for a few weeks if necessary.

Read Merrilyn’s recent post entitled:  Depression and Earthquakes Predicted June-July 2013


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to be continued.


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