Sensing Murder Psychic Says More Earthquakes in Christchurch

Christchurch Earthquakes 10th March, 2011


Well, you do not have to be a psychic to ‘get the feeling’ that there will be more earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand .  These are still occurring by the day.  I think the largest of four yesterday was last night, around 10 p.m.  This one was 4.0 on the Richter scale.  A couple of days ago, the largest was 4.8, which is getting quite high.

It is a time of great earthquakes: Obviously, we can expect large earthquakes in many parts of the world, not just in New Zealand.  Any country sitting on “The Ring Of Fire” will be  especially vulnerable.

Just yesterday, a very large earthquake shook Tokyo, when a quake of 7.8 magnitude struck.  Fortunately, the epicentre of this earthquake in japan was about 160 kilometres away from Tokyo.  This meant that the intensity felt in Tokyo was nothing like the intensity felt in Christchurch on the 22nd February, 2011, which caused so much devastation because its epicentre was only about 10 kilometres from the  Christchurch CBD.

Consequently, and very luckily for the people of Tokyo, no buildings fell down there yesterday, and nobody was killed, or hurt, although Tokyo buildings were seen to sway.

The ‘Herald on Sunday’, march 6th 2011, has an article entitled “Get ready for more devastation, psychic warns quake survivors’.

Can You Predict An Earthquake? – Well, some people can. Deb Webber, from the programme ‘Sensing Murder”, apparently predicted the earthquake in Christchurch while she was doing a reading for Melbourne woman, Carolyn Ronsberg, on February 19th.  The ‘herald’ does not give the year, but Deb sayas that she predicted the Christchurch earthquake at least a year before it happened, so I guess this prediction was made in 2010.

Her words to Carolyn were apparently:  “I’m so worried about New Zealand.  There’ll be a massive earthquake coming soon and it’ll split the country in two.”  You could be facetious, and say that our country ALREADY if split in two – the North island, and the South Island.  But, of course, her meaning was not this literal, although her words might indicate that part of Christchurch might be split off:

Even before  ‘Sensing Murder’ psychic Deb Webber gave her predictions, I have heard several other people speculate on this theory, that the geography of Christchurch might change dramatically as a result of several large earthquakes. The continuing after-shocks have made many people insecure about living in christchurch, for fear that another big earthquake may strike. Many people have long fled Christchurch because of the continuing after-shocks.

Anything is possible – a good part of Napier rose up out of the sea in the 1931 Napier  earthquake.  If large amounts of land can rise up out of the sea, then large parts of land could also go back to the sea.  You do not have to have science qualifications, or psychic ability to work this out.

The “moon man” – Ken Ring had, previous to Deb Webber’s prediction, warned of a third big earthquake on the 20th March, 2011. Many of his predictions, based on moon astrology, have turned out to be accurate.

Kelvin Cruickshank, who co-stars with Deb Webber on “Sensing murder”, has responded to these claims, saying:

“The people of Christchurch need support and faith from the rest of New Zealand – they do not need to be living in fear from persons whom think they can predict earthquakes, tidal waves and major disasters”, he said.

The Mayor of Christchurch, Bob Parker, has also condemned such predictions as ‘scaremongering’.

All the same, I would be very cautious if I lived in Christchurch.  I would make sure that I had provisions in, plenty of food, and good, clean water in clean plastic bottles – not milk containers, as these will make your water go rancid.

I would make sure I did not do any travelling after the 18th March until about the 25th March, 2011.  I would fill up my gas bottles so that I had ample for cooking if I needed it for a few weeks.  I would have a tent, or a garage, ready, with bedding in it, and the necessary food items, water, bucket and spade, and anything else which might make a camping stint  tolerable.

I might even consider packing the family up tent and all, and going for a holiday somewhere – even to Timaru, which is so far earthquake-free.  An estimated 7,000 Christchurch residents have already gone to Timaru.   This is nice and handy and affordable, as it is just a couple of hours’ drive away from Christchurch.

Postscript:  11the March 2011. On the news last night we heard that many people have gone to Oamaru, which is another safe place away from Christchurch.  Twizell, a tiny town which is situated in stone country beneath the  Southern Alps, has not moved in earthquakes for centuries. Thislittle town is also very popular for Christchurch refugees

More Major Earthquakes 11th March, 2011:  The BBC news through the night informed us that there has been a big earthquake in China.  Lives have been lost, and the devastation is huge. Can these people expect the same wonderful assistance which Christchurch received after their earthquakes?  Alas, probably not.


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