Was Ken Ring Accurate Re Christchurch Earthquake Prediction

Moon Man Prediction For Christchurch Earthquake 20 March, 2011

Please note the comments below this post…….It is possible that the time of moon being closest to earth is not correct.  I will check my newspaper source for this  within  the next 2 days.   Thanks everybody for your comments and all the extra info you have provided. Regards, merrilyn

Also, I reported , as it was said  on television, and in the paper,  that people were flocking to  Twizel from Christchurch because it was quake free – but quakes have since occurred in Twizel.  It was reported that people had also gone to Oamaru and Timaru, and that these were also safe areas  –  Do let us know if you have experienced quakes in these areas.  One reader who went to Twizel has kindly left us a comment  on the fact that they experienced several earthquakes there.

PostScript 29 march, 2011:  Apologies
on the time of the moon being closest to earth.  The time which I thought was correct is NOT CORRECT.  This was the evening time, NZ 9.44PM.  Two of my newspapers say that the time was in the morning, just as all you people who commented on this post said.

I have the New Zealand herald, Monday, March 21, 2011, which quotes Ken Ring as saying that the moon would be at its closest to Earth this year at 9.44 am.  The sunday paper also says that this is the time given for the moon being at its closest point to earth.  So – decide for yourself.  The earthquake in Christchurch last weekend did not actually occur at the exact time given by Ken Ring as the most likely time an earthquake would strike.  However,  the day which Ken said would be vulnerable to earthquakes  did see a 5.1 in Christchurch, and several other quite large earthquakes – two in  Twizel in the early afternoon.

Astrological Prediction:   KEN RING WAS RIGHT in that he predicted one day on which an earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand.  But i cannot say that he made an ACCURATE prediction, because, as many of you have pointed out, that is not the case.
I have deleted the paragraph which had the incorrect time. The rest of the article I have left.

I still think that Ken Ring ‘has something’ – but  you can decide for yourselves.

A large earthquake happened yesterday, in Christchurch, New Zealand, just as Ken Ring had predicted.  This earthquake measured 5.1 on the Richter Scale.

Yet the newspaper today, The New Zealand Herald,  has  rather emphasized the negative by reporting that  many people  are still rubbishing Ken Ring’s predictions.

Astrology has a long history of usage throughout the ages. Huge events were accurately predicted by astrology:  many successful rulers had their own astrologers to help them decide the best times to execute military plans  and all manner of other events which were relevant to their nation.

You do not have to be a scientist to be work out that the planets movements and positions in the sky, in relation to each other, will have a bearing on their influence, not only to each other, but to us down here on earth.  Each planet has a huge magnetic force of its own.  If they are close to each other, or several grouped together, then those forces will be more extreme than if they are placed relatively further away, in a nice balanced line.

You put several magnets together:  You will see a reaction, some moving away from the other, others swinging around.  The planets behave similarly in that they are sensitive to each other’s magnetic energy.  Our earth is no different – it is sensitive to this magnetic energy and the pulls these magnetic energies create.

Yet somehow, modern scientists want to ignore the effects of the other planets on our own planet earth, and our own human reactions to this phenomena.  They want to be able to explain everything in their own terms, which means that they will ignore, or dismiss as being nonsense, anything which does not come into the sphere of their own understanding.  It seems that most of them are ‘book-learned’, lacking the capacity to work things out intelligently, other than by the codes of their own reference.

I myself have observed over time, as many other people have,  that the full moon DOES increase  the incidence of natural disasters on the planet earth,  such as earthquakes, and tornadoes, and it often increases the incident of ACCIDENT, such as the plane crash which happened just a few hundred yards from the beach at Orewa  NZ yesterday, directly in front of the house where I live.  The pilot died immediately in this crash, which happened about 3 pm on a sunny day, in front of all the people enjoying themselves on the beach.

Accidents often increase when the planets are in configurations which bring tension to the planet.  This tension which the planet is subjected to, when planets are retrograde, the moon is full, and the like, affects the human psyche, as well as that of animals.  We can make rash decisions around these times, and lose our capacity to think clearly.  Certain configurations literally throw us off balance.

Saturn is retrograde at the moment, and this is one major catalyst for disaster, when it is combined with other factors such as the moon being exceptionally close to the earth, the equinox, the moon being full,  other planets being retrograde, and other astrological  factors.  The pressure on the earth from outside forces right now is very great.

But Ken Ring has made a science of these factors.  He had the courage of his convictions to declare to the world that an earthquake would hit in Christchurch, at 9.44 PM on the 20th March, 2011.  He was ‘spot on’.

The Christchurch earthquake yesterday, 20 March 2011, was 5.1 magnitude, and it hit about 9.47 pm NZ time.  It’s epicentre was 10 km east of Christchurch, and it was 10 km deep, about the same depth as the devastating earthquake of 22 February 2011 which had a 6.3 magnitude. . The major one on 22 February 2011 killed 172 people.  It was followed by one in the evening, at 7.43 PM, of 5.0 magnitude.

There were two other shakes  earlier in the afternoon, of 4.6 and 4.3 magnitude, which hit South Canterbury, just south of where the Christchurch earthquake struck in the evening.

There were two large earthquakes reported in Tokyo yesterday, as well.

People have been quoted in today’s paper, the following day after the predicted earthquake, saying that it is just a coi-incidence, that after shocks were bound to happen anyway.

But this is not a random prediction:  Ken Ring predicted the place of the earthquake in New Zealand, and was only three minutes off the exact time:  The three minute difference between Ken Ring’s calculations for the moon being so close to the earth, and the actual earthquake, might have been the time it took for the earth to react to the great pressures it was subjected to.

There was a 4.9 quake which was felt in Christchurch on March 6th, at 3.43 AM, but yesterday’s 5.1  earthquake  in Christchurch was the second biggest quake experienced since the major one on 22 February 2011.

Today update – 24 March 2011 – BBC reported around 3 AM NZ time this morning, that two large earthquakes had just hit Burma, near the Lao/Thai border. At first, they reported a magnitude 7.0 earthquake for one of these, but the re-evaluated figure seemed to be 6.8 for both these quakes.  They were both well inland, and deep underground, which was said to be the reason no giant tsunami had eventuated after these quakes.


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