Cottonsoft Toilet Paper Links To Forest Destruction In Indonesia

DSCO 1786The Warehouse has taken action at Greenpeace’s request, to suspend the importation of Cottonsoft because of its links to the destruction of rainforest in Indonesia.   ‘Cottonsoft’ toilet paper apparently comes from Indonesia, from the forests which are being felled ruthlessly for profit.  Greenpeace asked the toilet paper retailers two weeks ago, The Warehouse, Foodstuffs, and Progressives, if they would consider a boycott on the importing of  the ‘Cottonsoft’ brand of toilet paper, because of its origins.

Note:  If you are in New Zealand, then the PUREX brand of toilet paper is the one to buy.  This is totally New Zealand made, and New Zealand grown.  There are environmental  issues which New Zealanders should be addressing with regard to the  large-scale planting of  pine tree forests, which have taken over much of our native forest areas, as well as good farming land, but this is another story. Pine trees planted on a large scale  are bad for our environment and lead to massive erosion.  Research shows that pine trees, when planted in high rainfall areas such as the hills of New Zealand, affect rainfall dramatically, and this affects weather patterns.  Pine trees repel the rain from the hills, and this results in a much lower rain fall than if native forests were growing in these areas.  And then there is the issue of all that tree material, coming from the soil, being exported away off our soils, to places such as China, Japan, and other countries.  Exportation of pine trees will end up like mining, with huge depletions – Growing tonnes and tonnes of pine trees to mail off somewhere is rendering our soils here acidic and infertile.  Eventually, nothing else will grow in these pine tree forest areas –  not even pine trees.  The rainfall will have been changed permanently, and a desert will be the result.   Still –  At least if you buy New Zealand made Purex toilet paper, you are not helping to destroy the  rainforests in Indonesia, or depriving endangered species of their homes where they live.

Today, 8th September 2011,  Greenpeace have sent emails out about the result of its request to the toilet paper retailers, to stop importing and selling this product.  The Warehouse comes top of the list for its environmental awareness, and for its sense of responsibility, by acting promptly to stop importing ‘Cottonsoft’.  Foodstuffs have also taken some measures to investigate the origins of the ‘Cottonsoft’ toilet paper.

This brand of toilet paper, which comes from overseas,  really should be boycotted in favour of locally produced stuff anyway.  It is sensible to support New Zealand made products whenever it is possible, because this helps our economy and assists us towards self-sufficiency.   But it is a very bad thing that we in New Zealand have  been buying this paper, and unwittingly supporting its  makers who are profiteering  from the destruction of the rain forest in Indonesia..

Most people with any awareness of the environmental and humanitarian issues involved in cutting down rainforest would surely avoid buying the ‘Cottonsoft’ product once they were aware that this toilet paper is linked to rainforest destruction.  For more information contact Greenpeace representative


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