Germany First To Be Nuclear Free In 2022

Environment Comes First in Germany

Today is the 31st May, 2011, and Germany has just announced that it will be totally NUCLEAR FREE by 2022.

After the Japanese Tsunami on March 11th 2011, which devasted much of Northern Japan, killing 27,000 people or more and causing melt-down at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, Germany took immediate action.  It disbanded seven of its old nuclear power facilities, as they were thought to be extremely unsafe.  Germany’s plan was to build some new, safer nuclear power facilities  to replace the old defunct ones.  This decision was made at governmental level.  However, the authorities have reconsidered, and reversed this decision:   Only three months after this decision was made, they have made a radical decision:  TO GET RID OF ALL NUCLEAR GENERATED POWER.

Hooray For Germany.  This will set a precedent for all other countries to follow.  The Germans have set the ball rolling, and other countries will soon follow their fantastic example.  The Germans have got it right:  There is no time to think about what should be done.  If we are to preserve our planet, then we need to begin making changes for the better, right here and now.

It will take some time to get these nuclear power plants totally banned, as alternatives in power generating will have to be devised and implemented.   Germany has 17 nuclear power reactors in total, which supply around 30% of the country’s power. Wind power from the North Sea is one option to replace this 30% nuclear power quota.  Obviously, switching to wind power will need new power lines and  electricity storage systems:  The nuclear power sites are mostly in the south of Germany, whilst the North Sea wind source is at the other end of the country, so the geographics of it all would indicate that much expense and redevelopment of electricity facilities will be necessary.

But the Germans have taken that big bold step, and begun the process despite the cost.  They actually planted the seed of change towards being nuclear-free when Angela Merkel announced that three of their nuclear reactors would be shut down following the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Initially, they said that these would be shut down until an examination had taken place of the nuclear facilities.  But they have announced recently that these reactors will not reopen, and will remain shut down.

Angela Merkel has stated that the decision to get rid of all nuclear power stations by 2022 is irreversible.



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