Radioactive Pollution In NZ From Japan Nuclear Disaster

International Nuclear Crisis:  What You Can Do To Help Prevent Radiation.

March 25,  2011, Friday.

The Japanese Premier has declared the nuclear crisis as very grave and serious.

Nuclear Plant Workers Exposed To High Radiation:  First of all, let’s pray for all those poor nuclear plant workers at Fukushima who are working hard to try and contain the radiation: Especially pray for the two men who have been irradiated so badly they have been taken to hospital.

Their feet got wet in water which was polluted with radiation.  The radiation levels of this water was reported by BBC and our New Zealand news today, 29 March, 2011, as being 10,000 times the normal level. This accident will probably permanently ruin the health of these two men.

Radioactive Water is Polluted Water: A couple of days ago, Tokyo residents were warned not to drink the tap water, and especially not to give it to babies under a year old. We were told on this morning’s TV3 New Zealand Firstline Show, that the tap water  in Tokyo was now reported to be safe to drink, because the radiation levels had come down.  But several people that reporters spoke to in Tokyo were not so sure about taking this message in faith.  They already doubt the government’s reports on the safety of anything connected to the Fukushima power plant.  The Japanese government has obviously been trying to placate the public by having them believe that everything is under control, that there is no need to worry……..just “stay inside’, they said.

Well, whilst staying inside will help minimize the amount of radiation your body is exposed to, to some extent, the threat for the people of Japan grows with every passing day. The fallout from the Fukushima disaster will not just disappear from the environment that easily. Milk has been found to have high levels of radiation in it, and so have many vegetables, especially those of the large leaf variety, which have a bigger surface on which radioactive fallout can be retained.

Milk is always the worst affected food after a nuclear disaster, as the radiation gets concentrated in milk.  This is because cows graze over large expanses of grass, and they take in the radiation on the grass as they go.  It gets into the cow’s milk in very high concentrations if a nuclear bomb or a nuclear reactor goes haywire.

Of course the danger will be worst for people living in Japan, and those nearby countries.  But actually, it is wise to stop drinking milk in New Zealand in the meantime, until the radiation pollution in the air has lessened to some extent.

Every time it rains, whilst the nuclear fallout is in the air, the rain will bring down the radiation with it.  This falls upon all growing foods, animals, and affects our drinking water also.  You are best to avoid long walks in the rain right now, even in New Zealand:  Any radiation which falls on your skin will be absorbed to some extent.  The longer it stays on your skin, the more radiation you will absorb.  If you do get wet  at the moment,  while the nuclear pollution is still being emitted from Fukushima,  then make sure you shower afterwards, to wash off any pollution.

Early this morning, on BBC through the night in New Zealand, 25 March 2011 NZ time, it was reported that a cargo ship from Russia had been contaminated badly by the radiation from Fukushima.  This ship, I think, had been quarantined.  A few days ago, BBC reported that the sea water around the Fukushima nuclear reactors was polluted with radiation.  This has happened partly because water has been sprayed over the nuclear reactors to try to cool them, and this water has washed from the reactors into the sea.

So – Radioactive fallout stuff is in the sea water, as well as in the air: In the past few days, poisonous black clouds of smoke have  been reported by BBC as coming from nuclear reactor number three at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

New Zealand is already affected by radiation from Japan: This is not what the authorities will tell us, but:   I am certain that our air in New Zealand is already contaminated slightly with radiation from Fukushima.

The symptoms I have are similar to when the French government were testing their bombs, years ago,  at Muruoa Atoll, which is not too far away from New Zealand. Some of these symptoms are a sore throat, fuggy head as if you have the flu, slightly sore eyes, and some bone pain, mainly in the lower part of the leg and toes, accompanied by mild feelings of nausea.

On Saturday, 29 March 2011, I can report other symptoms:  These are slight breathing difficulty, headache, burning toes and soles of the feet, and a feeling that the nerves are overloaded, similar to when I used to smoke and drink a lot of wine. Vision is slightly impaired: slight blurring and sore eyeballs.  There is a kind of burning, or pressure about the ears also.  My neck glands feel distended.  I really do not feel well at all.

And I can taste iodine, which sounds strange – but I can usually taste microdoses of medicines and poisons which most other people are oblivious to.  I haven’t taken any iodine yet, to help protect my body from absorbing the radioactive stuff, so I know that the iodine I can taste is not coming from my own use.

This indicates to me that that traces of radioactive iodine IS in our air already. It may not even be enough to be measured by scientists at this stage, but I am sure of its presence here already.  This means that we should all be taking iodine, or at least applying liquid iodine to our skin, scalp, or soles of the feet at least once a week.  This will act as a precaution against absorbing the radioactive iodine, which causes thyroid cancer, for a start, and a host of other cancers and degenerative conditions.

Radioactive materials such as radioactive iodine and caesium are known to cause birth defects.

I am  especially sensitive to chemicals of all kinds , and so I am sure that most people will not have experienced any reactions to the radioactive fallout  yet. However,  there are many other sensitives like myself about who are like canaries when exposed to chemical pollutants:  Our early reactions to chemical and radiation exposure usually spells what will be experienced by many others, given time.

I believe that once the poison i have discerned becomes more concentrated –  which it will if the nuclear power plants in Fukushima are not contained somehow, which means even more radioactive pollution will come our way, then these symptoms I am aware of will be experienced by many.

Fortunately, living in New Zealand,  we are further away from the scene of the accident, and so our health will not suffer as badly or as dramatically as the people of Fukushima, or even  the poor people in Tokyo.  However, many of us in New Zealand will still be prone to cancer and other disease as a result of this nuclear/ radioactive pollution. Babies under a year old are supposed to be more vulnerable than bigger children,  or  most adults, to radioactive fallout.  But some people who have already weakened immune systems could be more vulnerable as well.

We are not that far away from Japan:  Winds are not discerning.  They will take the radioactive fallout to all parts of the world.  The closest environments to the disaster will get a higher concentration, but the stuff will still spread around the world.

I truly hope that these nuclear plants get brought under control and that no more radiation will be leaked.  It seems dreadful that some men will have to suffer and possibly give up their lives for the safety of the many people in Japan and around the world..  I pray for these poor workers at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, and for all those affected by this disaster.

Best Tips  to Help Protect Against Radioactive Fallout: :

1)  Of course, avoiding exposure is the best thing.

2)  But as a precaution,  Vitamin C in large doses, preferably a non acidic type such as ester C, of calcium ascorbate;  1000mg to 3000 mg per day  of calcium ascorbate for an adult could be good if you think you have been exposed to traces of radiation, or that you might be.   Take even higher amounts if you have been exposed to considerable amounts of radiation.

3)  Iodine – either tablets or liquid iodine applied EXTERNALLY  to the scalp or soles of the feet, no more than three drops for an adult which is  painted onto the skin no more than twice or  a week for an average sized person.  For small children, one drop once a week rubbed onto the skin should suffice.

4)  I think extra zinc will help to protect your immune system.

Zinc,  iodine,  and lots of Vitamin C are necessary to help protect against the danger in our own New Zealand air right now.

5)  Clean  Green Chlorophyll helps protect against Radiation: Chlorophyll is the green stuff found in green vegetables.  Growing sprouted wheat, mung beans,  and other grains and seeds is a way you can minimize the radiation in your food:  If you are growing these indoors on a window ledge, then these foods will not be absorbing so much radioactive material than foods grown outside right at the moment.  In the worst case scenario, you could buy liquid chlorophyll as an extra aid to try to rid the body of radiation.

6)  Clean Water: Make sure, if you can, that your water is uncontaminated.  Bore water, or tank water, should be good unless it is already contaminated by something else.  Cover your water tank up, and remove the connecting pipes from your roof until the worst of this pollution has washed away.  This could be a few weeks, or even months – longer if these nuclear reactors continue to emit radiation into the environment.

7)  Avoid Drinking Milk for the Next Few Weeks, or longer if the radiation at Fukushima has not been contained.  Even in New Zealand, our milk will be affected by the fallout on our pastures.  Use soya milk instead, preferably something which has been prepared before the nuclear disaster at Fukushima.

All tap water will be affected, as our dams will be exposed to the radiation in the air.  This is the time to start using up some of that precious bottled water we have all put aside.  You cannot see this radiation, but it is most surely in our air already. Take precautions.

Early this morning, on BBC news through the night in New Zealand, 29 march, 2011, Sean Curtin from GLOCOM in Tokyo said that China is testing tourists for radiation – Two Japanese tourists with large amounts of radiation showing up in their bodies have already been detected by the Chinese authorities.


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