Tsunami Warning For New Zealand Exodus From Orewa 2011

Earthquake Near Kermadecs Today around 7 A.M. July 6th 2011

There was an earthquake just a few hours ago in the Kermadecs, which is not too far away from New Zealand. About 1000 kilometres east, I think. It was a 7.8 magnitude quake whose epicentre was 48 kilometres east of Raoul Island.

My son just skyped me to say that there is a tsunami warning for New Zealand.  He thought the danger time might be around 10 A.M. I am in a basement flat right on the beach at Orewa, so I would be a ‘sitting duck’ if I were to remain here and a tsunami really did happen.  I for one will be making an exit from the town this morning.

Television report just now on Channel 3, around 9 A.M.  said that the ‘Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre’ in Hawaii has removed the warning for New Zealand.  But this does not necessarily mean that there will not be any activity here – the tides have been very high recently.  My neighbour told me that 10 A.M. this morning corresponds with the high tide.  They are planning to leave the area around 9.30 A.M., and so am I.

Well, it is 9.06 right now, and I think that at 9.30A.M. I will take a walk on up the hill, just in case.

Such is the small exodus from Orewa this morning, co-inciding with that high tide.

Time to go…….

Well – back at about 1 PM.  Wasn’t here to see how high the tide came up, but everything looks in order.  I caught the 9.35 A.M. bus up to the Whangaparaoa Plaza, which is high up on the hill on the peninsula.

Only thing was, this bus drives along the flat by the beach, at Stanmore Bay, before it reaches the Whangaparaoa township just after 10 A.M.  I looked at the clock as we drove along the flat at Stanmore Bay by the beach – It said 9.58 A.M. – Just about the time the tsunami would have struck if it had hit the East Coast of New Zealand today, following the earthquake in the Kermadecs:  I would have been a ‘gonner’.  So much for my ‘just in case’ response.

Mind you, if the tsunami was a certainty, then I would have headed back to Auckland on the inland bus which takes you through Albany, and not gone to Whangaparaoa Peninsula.  This was a practice run.

Postscript:  The following day after the tsunami warning the morning tide, around 9.30, was alarmingly high. Strong winds probably reinforced the action of the high tide:   There was sea-weed and sand washed high up  the bank  and  well up into the roadway, which is very close to my flat.  Mmmmmm………..


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