Earthquake Devastates NE Afghanistan 24th April 2013

More Retrograde Saturn Effects:

The Earthquake in Afghanistan has been followed by flash floods which are adding to the devastation in the region. Floods carry water-born illnesses such as typhoid and cholera.

HDR-sunsetPhoto by Lok, 2012,

Saturn is Retrograde until July 2013. We are likely to see more of these severe earthquakes until July, 2013. Even though the planetary tensions are causing friction on earth at the present time, there would be fewer earthquakes, I believe, if we were addressing our world-wide environmental crisis, planting more trees instead of cutting them down, reducing satellite telecommunications and nuclear forces, and reducing mining activity.

A large earthquake struck Afghanistan in the early hours of the morning, New Zealand time, 13.55 local time on the 24th April in Afghanistan.

The epicentre was near Jalalabad. The quake was felt in nearby Pakistan and in India. Tremors were felt as far away as Delhi in India.

The quake has been reported variously as being 6.2 and 5.6 Magnitude on the Richter Scale. Whatever the intensity, it has been violent enough to destroy villages and kill people. Many people have been badly injured and hundreds, if not thousands, rendered homeless.

This quake is one in a spate of quakes to hit the region: In the past week, there have been large and devastating earthquakes in Iran and in China. There were smaller earthquakes felt in Auckland, New Zealand before these devastating ones in Asia, and it is interesting to note that Auckland has, until about 5 years ago, when it was suddenly rocked by a medium-large earthquake, regarded itself as being ‘earthquake-free’. This assumption is changing.

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