NZ Ocean Diesel Spill Near Stewart Island Sanctuary 27 April 2013

Protect The Right To Protest At Sea. If John Key’s National government get their way, we will not be allowed to protest at sea, which means that we will be powerless to challenge other boats which we see as a potential risk to our environment. Accidents will always happen, whether or not your project is large or small. This spillage at Stewart Island is small in comparison to the oil disasters which might occur when the government allows many multi-national petro-oil companies to drill in our sea-beds around the coast of New Zealand. We need all the numbers we can get to petition the government against its planned change to our protest laws. Check out the Greenpeace NZ petition to protect our right to protest at sea:


Stewart Island Diesel Spill: A major diesel spill, estimated at 25,000 litres, over 20 tonnes, has occured as a result of an accident near a wild-life sanctuary in New Zealand. The boat was the ‘Sureste 700’, a 58 metre long fishing trawler.

The spillage, which occured around 11PM last night (Friday), was reported in the early hours of this morning by National Radio New Zealand.

The accident occured when the boat smashed into rocks. This caused a fuel-carrying pipe to break, which spewed diesel into the ocean. Reports said that it was not known whether all the diesel had been spilled, or if there was more to come.

Update on the story: Radio NZ news around 3 AM today said that the oil slick was being swept away to the south of Stewart Island. Department of Conservation believed that the near-by wild-life sanctuary would not be threatened so badly because the slick was moving away.

Radio New Zealand News now, at 2 PM on the 27th April, 2013, says there were 33,000 litres of diesel spilled, and that the Department of Conservation has said that all the diesel has evaporated. ?????? I do not believe this story. This story is meant to placate us, so that we accept the Government’s stance on banning protests at sea. They want multi-national oil giants to go ahead with whatever plans they have to frack for oil or gas, or to drill in our precious oceans, without any risk of public protest.


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