26 People Sick From Eating Wild NZ Shellfish

DSC01947New Zealand Environment and Health News 19th Decmber 2012

Note: This warning does not apply to shellfish which have been farmed. Tight controls are kept on the quality of farmed shellfish in New Zealand, and so it is thought the mussels and other shellfish which are available in our supermarkets, and the produce marked for export, are safe.

Radio New Zealand has just told us on the 10PM news ronight that 26 people, coming from Tauranga and further south in Rotorua, have been reported as suffering from shellfish poisoning.

People are apparently not paying heed to the warnings which have been around for a few weeks now. These warnings told us not to eat the shellfish gathered along the east coast of the North Island, nor those from some parts on the west coast of the North Island. The beach around Raglan and Kawhia on the west coast is contaminated with the troublesome shellfish virus, and a longer stretch of coastline is affected along the east coast.

Personally, I would avoid eating any shellfish gathered from anywhere north of Hawkes Bay, all the way up the east coast. Larger areas than previously thought are affected by this shellfish bacteria/virus, and so it might be prudent to treat even the supposed unaffected areas with suspicion and caution. The health and environment departments cannot have examined every area yet, and then, you have to allow for the bacteria/germ travelling to new territory.


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