American Drones Killing Innocents In Pakistan

The Secret Drone War In Pakistan 16 December, 2012.

3000 Innocent People Killed So Far

So. We are not killing innocent people in Iraq or Afghanistan anymore. Our New Zealand soldiers are coming home from the Middle East, which is a good thing. For many years now, New Zealand has been supporting America and the UK in whatever wars they wish to become involved in, or to create – This ally-ship is something which many of us here in New Zealand do not approve of. These are not our wars.

The American offensive in Pakistan is morally wrong. It could be seen as another assault on Islamists, for a start. What business do the Americans have in Pakistan?

I wrote a post a little while ago about the Americans and the UK pulling out their aid from Pakistan. Surely this country needs aid to help its people, and not war? The money spent on keeping the military there would be better spent as aid, one would think. This would benefit the people, whereas the killing of innocents and the destruction of buildings will not.

Just as we deplore the destruction of their universities, their hospitals, their houses, and the killing of innocent people in Palestine, so we should deplore these killings in Pakistan.

Peace is the thing everybody wants in their life-time. If only the big powers – China and America and all the big European powers – would put their energies into helping the world become a happy, peaceful place, what a great world this could be.

Our aim world-wide shoud be to work for peace, instead of demanding control over people and stealing their riches. This greed for power and riches is what creates wars, and these wars dislocate and disempower families and communities in the process.

The American military says that they are targeting known rebels with their drones, and they also claim that their technology is so advanced that they will not miss their target. But innocent people are being killed, homes being destroyed, and families left distraught with every American drone-strike. And who says that the people they are targeting deserve to die? This is just the view of the American military people.

BBC News described the situation as ‘A Secret Drone War’ . New Zealand’s TV1 gave us this report this morning, 16th December, 2012. The BBC report indicated that American Drones have killed around 3000 innocent people in Pakistan since American drone planes began targeting the area around two years ago.

There have been over 300 attacks of drones during this time.


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