Campbell Live 4 May 2012 Reveals John Key Has The Brain Of A Pea

About Kim Dotcom, about America, about asset sales, about anonymous donations accepted by John Banks, who is the Prime Minister’s right hand man.

Today was the day the big Hikoi-Protest against asset sales arrived in Wellington. The sale of state-owned assets is a contentious issue which is inextricably bound up with the Kim Dotcom saga, strangely enough.

Tonight, the Prime Minister was less rude to John Campbell, and far less cocky, than he appeared in the interview last week. He had good reason to be contrite tonight. He is in big trouble over Banks’ ‘anonymous’ donations, or ‘anomylous donations’, to use a J Keyism, and the question over whether he had prior knowledge about the raid on Kim Dotcom or not. As well, there is the obvious trouble he is causing over the sale of public assets to foreign investors.

As to whether John Key had prior knowlege about the planned raid and arrest of Kim Dotcom, the unspoken question we were all led to ask ourselves was – did these policitians know beforehand that Kim’s demise was about to come, while they were still accepting his money for various things, such as $50,000 for the grand fireworks display in Auckland to mark the New Year, 2011, and the $50,000 Kim donated to John Banks, and the $50,000 to the winner of the mayoral election, Len Brown?

People are asking why Kim has come forth with the news about the donations. Well – This is the key point, excuse the pun – I would be mad with John Banks, and John Key too, if I thought I had been strung along to the tune of $50,000 three or four times over, and set up, only to be abandoned completely by my so-called friends when the shit hit the fan, my assets frozen or confiscated, and I was flung in jail. The whole saga looks very shonky, to say the least.

And these politicians, Key and Banks, are looking to be shonkier by the day, now that more of the details of various cover-ups, and their crazy plans, such as getting Sky City to pay for a convention centre through raising their legal allowance of gambling machines, are slowly but surely being revealed on shows such as ‘Campbell Live’.

John Key claims he knew nothing about Kim Dotcom at all before the raid. He had never heard of him, he says, even though lived pretty much down the road, in John Key’s own electorate.

Before his arrest, Kim was fast becoming very popular in the Coatesville area because of the money he was bringing into the community by supporting army-loads of tradesmen and craftsmen who worked on his property. So how come John Key had not heard of the internet giant, when Kim was a known local identity, and around 8 or 9 government bodies knew of him?

John Campbell pointed out on the show tonight that Hilary Clinton, the FBI, New Zealand Police, Simon Power, the Electoral Office in NZ, and the Solicitor General all had prior knowledge about the imminent arrest and intended demise of’s boss, Kim Dotcom, so how is it that the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, claims he knew nothing until the day before the raid? This just does not seem credible. And if this really is the case, then John Key, who claims he has a finger on the pulse of everything political, is not a fit person to be leading this country. Because his right hand does not know what his left is up to.

And Why Did Prime Minister John Key Visit Warner Brothers In America, Just Prior To The Raid On Campbell pointed out that John Key had visited Warner Brothers in America, just prior to the raid on’s mansion and the shutting down of his website Warner Brothers is one of the Hollywood outfits who were driving the campaign against

“Did you talk about” Campbell asked. “No”, said the Prime Minister. “You never mentioned him?” “No”, said the Prime Minister.

John Key seems to have a memory a bit like his mate John Banks, who cannot remember going to’s mansion in a helicopter, and who says that he cannot remember anything about requesting to divide a $50,000 donation into two lots of $25,000, so that he, John Banks, could pass them off as anonymous. Those are the rules in New Zealand – $25,000 is OK for an anonymous donation to a politician, but it is important that the politician who receives this money has no idea where it came from, otherwise, the donation is not anonymous at all.

So bad is John Banks’ memory, that, since the arrest of, he seems not to remember much about his relationship with at all, and nothing about those mysterious donations.

John Key reckons that John Banks has done nothing wrong. Well, this is very convenient – of COURSE he would think that – Without John Banks in parliament, John Key will not be able to push through his sale of public assets, as he needs that one vote of Banks’ to take the majority. But, meanwhile, the rage against John Banks is growing, because John Banks should be stood down but the PM is failing to do his duty to stand him down.

All those opponents of John Key see this as the legitimate chance to stop John Key in his tracks to prevent him selling off our state-owned assets, and to thwart his other quick-fix money-making schemes he has planned for our country.

As Winston Peters pointed out on ‘Native Affairs’ on Monday night, hosted by Julian Wilcox, every other politician who has come under scrutiny for any alleged wrong-doing has been stood down whilst the investigation was being completed. Winston Peters had to stand down. Dover Samuels had to stand down. Both these men were exonnerated finally, but they were not allowed to stay in parliament while their cases were investigated. So how is it that John Banks is still allowed to stay there while his ‘anonymous’ donations are investigated?

Because John Key makes up his OWN rules about everything, including the rules of parliament, it seems, as well as public asset sales, the sale of valuable dairy farm land to foreign investors, dismantling our state housing scheme, shutting down perfectly good schools, and approving exploitation which puts our environment at risk. We are talking about the charge of John Key’s personal light brigade here. The sage of the sale of public assets and other associated quick-fix deals will not end well, of that I am sure.

Near the end of this interview Campbell said to John Key: “But Prime Minister – Every time I ask a question which is somewhat contentious, you either cannot remember, or you say that the question is irrelevant, or you have no knowledge about the details.”

Prime Minister John Key’s last words on Campbell’s show tonight were “I hope that enlightened you’. To which Campbell replied “Yes….Yes. I am…. enlightened”. Only Campbell’s slow and deliberate reply held an element of doubt which I took to mean more like “MMMMmmmmmm…….But I don’t think I believe you.”

John Key suddenly has the memory and the integrity of a pea, apparently, just like his mate John Banks. His performance on ‘Campbell Live’ tonight would suggest to me that John Key the prime minister lacks the moral integrity, lacks good memory, and lacks the good judgement necessary to be leading this country as its Prime Minister. We most surely need Winston Peters at the helm, in my opinion. He’s one of the few experienced politicians, along with Russel Norman, with any real common sense.


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