Chile Earthquake March 25th 2012 Strikes After New Moon

Mercury Mars and Saturn Retrograde Causing Earthquakes, Unsettled Weather, Social Unrest:

Mars is a planet of physical action, with violence, disruption and anger often being presented when Mars is in a negative disposition. Mars is ‘The God Of War’, a title which aptly illustrates its potential for destructiveness. Mars right now is Retrograde, a negative aspect which brings an element of force to all things here on Earth. This negative Mars element can induce earthquakes.

In this article, we will talk a little more about the other influences and the planetary positions for the day of Sunday, March 25th 2012, the day of the Chilean Earthquake.

This was a big earthquake – 7.1 magnitude on the Richter scale. It struck central Chile at 7.37 PM local time, which is 5.47PM EDT. It’s epicentre was 16 miles north-west of the town of Talca, and was 22 miles deep, according to Reuters new agency. Fortunately, no one was killed from falling buildings. Sadly, one person did die in a car accident which was a result of the earthquake, but this is the only casualty reported so far.

The interaction of the planets in the skies above us does have a huge influence on us here on little old Earth. They affect our moods, influence our actions, and can reduce or increase tension around the globe. They have a profound effect on the magnetic forces of the earth. When certain planets are lined up in conjunction with earth, or are in a challenging aspect to the earth, or are moving to a Retrograde movement, then earthquakes, tsunamis, and extreme weather conditions such as storms or high winds, are likely to increase. Physical and verbal wars may become ignited, or old ones may excacerbate.

Any negative actions we might have done in the past can have an accumulative effect which might lie dormant for a while, such as our on-going abuse of planet Earth on an environmental level, with such things as fracking, and proliferating man-made electromagnetic fields, until a planet such as Mars does something different, or is challenged, such as Sun lined up with Uranus, and then ‘bang’ – there is a release of tension. An earthquake or some other calamity strikes somewhere on Earth.

It is interesting to note that Chile is big on mining, and is the world’s biggest producer of copper. Mining can induce earthquakes: This is because underground explosions and drilling cause vibrations deep down in the Earth, and these on-going vibrations, plus the chemicals often used, damage the Earth’s inner heart and its ”nervous’ system. Just like a person who is under constant stress, the Earth’s nervous system and heart give way when the stress is continued, and especially when Mars comes along to act as a catalyst for disruption. An earthquake could be likened to a heart attack, also ruled by Mars, which we humans are prone to when under stress.

Which is why fracking is a bad thing to do to the Earth, and why the careless New Zealand government should ban the practice, instead of endorsing it. New Zealand is an earthquake-prone country. The Canterbury-Christchurch area is especially vulnerable, with two major earthquakes in the past 18 months, and small shocks occurring on a daily basis, yet the NZ government has APPROVED FRACKING IN THE CANTERBURY REGION. This is utterly irresponsible and is an abusive action, not only to the environment, but also to the people of the Canterbury-Christchurch area, who will surely suffer. If the NZ government was responsible and caring of our environment and its people, they would be doing everything within their power to discourage earthquakes, instead of taking risks with fracking, just to get at the oil and gas underground.

No need for fracking, and no need for oil. If Angela Merkel can vow to eliminate all nuclear power by 2022, making Germany entirely nuclear-free, and use solar power instead, then the same can be done with oil. NZ used to be ahead of its times, with many ‘firsts’ achieved here. Nowadays, it is behind many of the European countries, many of which have become more socially and environmentally aware and protective than we are right now in NZ. At least we do not have nuclear power here.

Around six weeks ago, I wrote about the liklihood of there being a major earthquake anytime from January 24 – 16 April, and that the occurence of unusual weather, storms, volcanic eruptions, ‘accidents’, heart attacks and other sudden events might increase.during this period. I put this post up when I noticed in my Ephemeris that Mars was going Retrograde on the 24th January and will be Retrograde until the 16th April 2012. Saturn has also gone Retrograde from 7th February until June 25th 2012. Mercury too, has since gone Retrograde, which it did on the 12th March, and will remain Retrograde until the 4th April, 2012. Mercury goes Retrograde for a three week period around four times a year.

But one very important influence on the 25th March 2012, when this earthquake occurred in Chile, was the conjunction of Sun with Uranus, which were both at 4 degrees in Aries. Sun had just moved that day from 3 degrees the day before, to 4 degrees, right in line with Uranus which has been sitting at 4 degrees Aries since March 16th. Uranus is a slow moving planet compared to the Sun, as seen from Earth, so it hangs around on the same degree for a while, whereas the Sun moves up one degree each day.

Uranus is an electrical, highly charged kind of energy which produces sudden events, and often calamities, especially when planets Mercury, Mars and Saturn are all in Retrograde motion. Uranus is in charge of electricity itself, and in combination with the previously mentioned Retrograde planets, it can accelerate their effects.

Mercury Retrograde increases the chance of disturbances on a mental and emotional level for us Earthlings, and on a physical level for the Earth itself. Mercury, although it is a little planet, has a profound effect on the physical Earth and us Earthlings, especially when other planets are in a period of tension with the Earth, such as Mars is right at the moment, being also in a Retrograde movement, and Saturn also.

Well, to throw the spanner into the works, we have had a NEW MOON come, 2 weeks into the Retrograde cycle of Mercury. A New Moon, combined with Mercury Retrograde, Mars Retrograde, and Saturen Retrograde, is enough to shake anything up. The New Moon came in Aries, with Sun and Moon together in Aries, just two or three days before the Sunday earthquake in Chile, 25th March, 2012. The Sun and Uranus were 4 degrees Aries, and the Moon was just leaving Aries and moving into Taurus on the day of this earthquake in Chile. When a planet leaves one sign and moves into the next, there is often a discernible change in happenings here on Earth.

The next volatile period of Mars’ Retrograde cycle is likely to occur when Mercury goes Direct again, on the 4th April, 2012, and on the Full Moon, which is on the 6th April, 2012 (12 hours later in New Zealand, which takes us to the 7thApril 2012) We could see more major earthquakes on these dates, when these planets move from Retrograde motion to Direct motion again, especially if the Moon is either a New Moon or Full Moon on any of these dates.


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