Christchurch Earthquake 12 April 2012 Trigger Retrograde Mars

Astrology for Retrograde Mars Is Causing Earthquakes and Disruption Around the World: Retrograde Mars is about to turn Direct again, which is the zenith of its Retrograde cycle. This period before the changeover from Retrograde to Direct, causes a massive tension, and this tension is especially pronounced with Saturn also being Retrograde right now. This tension is causing massive disruptions and earthquakes here on Earth right now. This tension being imposed upon Earth and its people and animals could be likened to a person who is under an enormous amount of stress. The result? – Often a heart attack, which is actually ruled by Mars.

An earthquake or volcanic eruption could be seen as the result of pressure put upon Earth because of unnatural causes, such as fracking for oil and mining for other minerals, and other mususes and abuses of the Earth’s resources.

But stress upon the Earth also comes from the natural pressures and tensions which are exerted upon Earth from the Planets, especially when they change their motion from Retrograde to Direct motion. Of course, if the unnatural pressures we ourselves are putting on the Earth with such disruptive processes as FRACKING is combined with the forces of the Planets, then massive disruption can be the result. The extra, addded, natural pressure from any Retrograde Planets can easily tip the balance, causing a proliferation of earthquakes and other unusual phenomena.

Mars is in the last stages of its Retrograde cycle, and this is the most intense time of its Retrograde cycle, just before it goes Direct again. Mars’ action is intensified because of Saturn also being Retrograde. These two Retrograde Planets are the reason we are seeing numerous earthquakes in the four or five days leading up to the changeover of Mars, which will be complete next week, on the 16th or 17th of April, 2012.

Christchurch endured another earthquake today, 12 April, 2012. This was a 4.6 Magnitude Earthquake, and it struck at mid-day.


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