Fake Vaccinations So Taleban Kill Polio Workers In Pakistan

A Fake Vaccination Programme Was Used To Trap Osama Bin Laden, and this has made the Taleban very suspicious of vaccination programmes, says a BBC News report on 19th December 2012.

The Unicef Polio Vaccination Programme has been halted in Pakistan. Eight health workers, who were there to help administer the vaccine, have been killed by the Taleban this past week in Pakistan.

This is a terrible thing, that people trying to help those in need have been killed for their efforts. Killing anywhere is a bad thing, but it seems such a pity for these presumably well-meaning people to be targeted.

Why have the Taleban decided not to allow the vaccination programme to proceed? Why are they suspicious? Why are they angry? Three key points:

1) Vaccinations often have side effects both in the short term, and in the long term. Many Pakistani people are worried that the vaccine might cause infertility, for one thing. There is enough research done into the side effects of various vaccinations to show that they are not 100% safe.

Vaccinations can even CAUSE the very illness they are meant to be preventing. 95% of those vaccinated are thought to have sufficient protection from the virus, but the remaining 5% of vaccinated poeple may not be protected.

Adults can carry the disease, or succumb to it. According to Dr Hans-Peter Studer, it is possible to contract the polio disease through vaccination itself, or through contact with a recently vaccinated baby. In his book ‘Vaccination – A Guide For Making Personal Choices’, which was first published in English by Floris Books in 2004, he warns about the necessity for strict personal hygiene after a child has been vaccinated for polio, and that the hands must be washed thoroughly after each nappy change. He estimates that two children a year suffer paralysis from polio which had been caught from either the vaccine or by contact with a vaccinated person. Two people a year – maybe for Germany – or the UK? – or all of Europe? He doesn’t specify, but anyway, you can get the point.

There are safer methods of preventing and curing childhood illnesses, such as Homeopathic Medicine, Vitamins A and C, and Good Nutrition. Vaccines are a huge money-earner for the drug companies, and we should not necessarily accept their reassurances that these things are safe, just because some doctor or drug company, or indeed Unicef, tells us that they are safe. Drug companies are kind of contracted to organizations such as WHO and Unicef, who accept the drug companies assurances that these things are perfectly safe. Vaccination programmes equate to big business, especially in the under-developed parts of the world.

Many of us in the wealthier parts of the world are suspicious about vaccines or immunizations. Research has shown that some vaccines are linked to diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, and other degenerative illness. The Taleban are concerned, rightly so, that this vaccine might cause infertility or other health conditions. The vaccine could even have additives in it to produce certain conditions, disempowering the recipients of this vaccine in some way, which could suit the rich nations. The vaccine could even be a trial. Trials, without the knowledge of the people subjected to them, have been done many a time before on the poor peoples of the world, such as in Haiti.

2) The Polio Vaccination Programme could be another fake one, designed to help the American military, or their spies, get into the area. These rebels are right to be suspicious. It HAS happened before. A fake vaccination centre was set up close to Osama Bin Laden’s house, and this was actually a military strong-hold which led to the killing of Osama Bin Laden. So why would the Taleban or other Pakistani people trust the word of the authorities who are running this vaccination campaign?

3) American Drones have so far killed around 3000 INNOCENT people since the drone attacks began, according to a BBC News report last week. The Taleban, by killing innocents, are simply mimicking what the Americans are doing.

Drones are on-going. They are meant to target an ‘insurgent’, a rebel, a taleban person, which seems questionable in the first place. But these drones almost always kill other people as well as the ones the Americans are targetting. So you might say that although the taleban have killed EIGHT AID WORKERS, that the pay-back is nothing like equal to the amount of innocents the Americans have killed. Not that this justifies the taleban’s killings in any way. But you can see where they are coming from.

It never made me happy to hear that Osama Bin Laden was murdered by the Americans, and to get the graphic details on TV all over the world showed the sickness in our so-called civilized society. We haven’t got the message yet. ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill”. No nation, no religion anywhere, not Christian, not Moslem, can justify killing or torture or rape. To carry on killing with the idea that we are ‘paying back’, ‘an eye for an eye’, only perpetuates the cycle of killing.

Osama Bin Laden should never have been killed, but should have been jailed instead, in my opinion. Nobody, anywhere, neither the Taleban nor the Americans, has the right to murder another. ‘Thou shalt not kill’ is the commandment which America should know about, since they see themselves as Christian, God-fearing people.

Alternatives To Vaccination To Counteract Polio: I would not want my child vaccinated with this polio vaccine. I think that the Taleban people are right to be suspicious about the safety of this vaccine, or any vaccine or immunization offered to them. There are safer ways to overcome this polio infection. Good nutrition is the first thing. Homeopathic medicine and Vitamins, especially Vitamin A and C, are the next. Unicef should be giving out Vitamin A to all these children, following their example in Syria, where they are dishing out Vitamin A with their measles vaccinations. (Note: Vaccinations could be avoided with homeopathic alternatives and good nutrition. Vitamin A is a prophylactic for many childhood illnesses when it is given in the correct dosage)

Polio is endemic in just three countries of the world, and these happen to be the very poorest of countries, of which Pakistan is one, where malnutrition affects thousands of children. So good food is the first thing needed to combat childhood illnesses, including polio. Vaccines will not be any use anyway, unless adequate nutrition is provided for these children.

Homeopathic medicine, Vitamin A and C, and Good Food are what is needed in Pakistan to combat diseases such as polio.

to be continued


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