Let Down By Dishonest NZ Politician Who Used His Money

2nd May, 2012. On the Saga of the ‘Anonymous’ Donations. might well become a National New Zealand hero, if he isn’t one already. Kim’s very generous nature will have a beneficent outcome for all New Zealanders if the end result of Banksies ‘anonymous donations’ is the toppling of John Key and his wheeler-dealer National government. is now a citizen of New Zealand, and as such, has a right to buy land here. Go, Kim – we welcome you.

Kim already has much support in New Zealand for what we see as unfair treatment of an individual who has not yet been tried or proven guilty. was arrested and jailed in New Zealand for charges of internet piracy brought against him by the USA government. Nothing to do with us here. And we don’t believe he was guilty anyway.

The New Zealand authorities made sure that the arrest of was a public and dramatic show-down in the style usually reserved for terrorists and mass-murdurers in America. Laughable, really. provided an exercise-opportunity for around 80 police and military people, snipers on the roof, and helicopters, who were employed in the arrest of Kim, when, instead, two or three policemen could have gone up to the door and arrested him in the normal way. was punished fully with the help of our New Zealand authorities, even before a trial – his bank accounts were frozen, his website shut down, every one of his personal possessions confiscated – cars, TV’s, the lot – and he was jailed.

Now the truth comes out – That New Zealand politicians are accused of using Kim’s money but not declaring it honestly. They used while it suited them, but abandoned Kim as soon as he was jailed, which was only a few months after his last liason with John Banks.

John Banks, who sided with the National Party leader John Key, to seal a deal over a cup of tea which would give the National government the majority, had received $50,000 from as a gift for Banks’ mayoral campaign in 2010. But the trouble is that he didn’t declare this money as coming from on his tax return. Instead, he asked Kim to make out two separate cheques for $25,000, which can be passed off as an anonymous donation.

John Banks is a turn-coat as well as a cheat, it seems – John Banks has also denied that he had a close friendship with Kim, yet footage shows him clearly giving a toast at the big birthday party Kim held a year ago. Banks said on Campbell Live that he ‘did not remember’ going by helicopter to the mansion for lunch.

A poll on Campbell Live Tonght showed that 88% of viewers think that politician John Banks should step down while the case against him is being investigated. Only 12% thought that Banks should stay in parliament.

Winston Peters pointed out on last night’s Native Affairs programme, hosted by Julian Wilcox on Maori Television, that all other politicians have had to stand down while they were being investigated for alleged dishonesty. Winston is adamant John Banks should stand down. Winston Peters himself was put in this position of having to stand down whilst being investigated, not so long ago. He was exonnerated. Dover Samuels was put in the position of having to stand down while being investigated. He was exonnerated. Darren Hughes was accused of making sexual advances to a male. He was forced to leave parliament even before he was able to prove himself innocent.

Russel Norman, leader of the Greens, tonight has been quoted on the telly news as saying that John Key doesn’t want to stand down John Banks, because Key is depending on Banks’ vote to give him his one vote majority to push through his sale of assets to foreign investors.

The sale of assets to foreigners is something the majority of New Zealanders are dead against. The New Zealand National government under John Key’s leadership is pushing to have Chinese investors buy a large amount of our dairy farms instead of allowing a New Zealand consortium of dairy farmers to buy them. This is an outrage. These Chinese investors are NOT New Zealand citizens, but people who live in China, and the deal will tie us inextricably to the Chinese government. China’s lack of human rights is one jolly good reason not to enter into any unnecessary agreements with its government, or any organizations which hold sway with its government.

A poll on Campbell Live last year showed something like 97% of viewers AGAINST the sale of the Crafer Farms to these Chinese investors. But the NZ National government is bull-dozing its way into doing the deal it wants to seal with the Chinese. The deal will benefit Fonterra, NZ’s biggest milk processor. So there will be quite a few white-collar boys here who will benefit from this deal with China. No doubt they will have their friends in government. Fonterra have some deal with China where they are to develop dairy farms in China and set up factories there.

But it should not be necessary to sell them our dairy farms, the primary producers of wealth for our country. Deals such as the Crafer Farm deal to the Chinese are only more examples of the excesses of capitalism, where the rich are made richer, whilst the poor become more poor. The result will not only be that our price of NZ produced milk will rise, but t that we will become tenants of our own land.

So – God Speed The Day the National Government Falls. Thankyou for bringing John Banks’ ‘anonymous donations’ into the public forum. The media won’t be able to protect John Key this time.


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