’s Donations Recorded Anonymous By NZ Politician

John Campbell gave us the run-down of John Banks’ most recently divulged deceit, on tonight’s show of ‘Campbell Live’, Friday, 27th April, 2012. is a great asset to the city of Auckland, and to our country, New Zealand. This very public-minded citizen has been extremely generous in giving large donations to various NZ organizations, friends, and charities. gave a kingly ONE MILLION DOLLARS to the Christchurch Earthquake Fund. He paid for the wonderful fireworks display over Auckland Harbour, which enthralled us all at New Year, 2011. He has given large amounts to his friends, John Banks and Len Brown, to help them with their campaigns for the Mayoral seat.

A wee bit of history about John Banks’ earlier faux-pas: – John Banks is famous in New Zealand, mainly for having that famous ‘cup of tea’ , just before the election, with the leader of the national party, John Key. This caused a big ‘stir’.

This ‘cup of tea’ was a pre-election public show, a stunt to get the attention of the media and the public. The media were invited by John Key, but once they got to the cafe, were not allowed inside the cafe to hear what was going on. So we had a fish-bowl effect, where the two politicians were seen through the glass from the outside, but not heard. Then they later whined that some of their conversation WAS recorded by another guest of the cafe. And so on, and so on.

This ‘cup of tea’ was an exercise purely to give John Key the last minute publicity he wanted, and which told the public of the alliance which would ensure that National won the election. The whole debacle has shown the lack of integrity of these two politicians. It is nothing short of cheating.

Back to Banksies ‘anonymous’ donation of $50,000, which actually came from the very generous – I think the worst thing about John Banks’ denial of Kim’s donation is that he was on very friendly terms with Kim before his arrest. But after Kim’s arrest, John Banks made no contact with him at all. When Kim was separated from his family, put behind bars in New Zealand, his closed down, all his belongings confiscated, because of so far unfounded USA -driven charges against him, his friend John Banks ignored him.

As Campbell said, this was the time that really needed his friends. Where were they when the chips were down?

John Banks received $50,000 from for his mayoral campaign, as did his opponent Len Brown, who won the title of Mayor of Auckland. Len Brown did the right and honest thing, and declared his donation as a gift from in his tax return – But John Banks, who helped the National party win the election by siding with the now Prime Minister John Key, falsely declared his donations as ‘anonymous’. More than that, he specifically asked, of, to give him two divided amounts of $25,000 each, so that they could be passed off with several other anonymous donations of $25,000.

John Banks took the money. He gave a speech in honour of at the birthday party which Kim held last year. We were shown clips of John Banks giving his speech at’s party. John Banks was flown in by helicopter to’s mansion, yet John Banks says he does not remember this. Campbell had questioned him earlier on the event, and we heard the recorded message::

“Well – I have a helicopter of my own,” says Banks……..”I don’t know if I went in my own helicopter or if I went in’s helicopter………..Or if I went at all…….I really don’t remember anything about this”, was more or less what John Banks said on this recorded message.

“Surely you would remember flying into Kim’s mansion by helicopter?”, John Campbell asked…….the inference being, “How could you forget?”

John Banks will need a lot more than a cup of tea to get over this one. I should think he’s’ probably taken to the scrub, since he wasn’t available to speak about his deception on ‘Campbell Live’ this evening. With a little bit of luck, he might have taken his mate, John Key, with him. What a ridiculous man. This is the stuff our New Zealand national politicians are made of.

I really liked hearing about world-class Mark Todd’s Olympic riding successes, and hearing his story. What a courageous man. He was slighted by the media around ten or twelve years ago, because of some indiscretions in his social life. But these indiscretions were simply ‘a blip on the radar’, as he put it. Mark Todd has since made a come-back and has gone from strength to strength. He has won seven Olympic awards and is going to compete in the UK Olympics this year.

Mark said that it was a shame he got more publicity about his behaviour on that one night all those years ago, than what he has ever received for his grand achievements. I would say he has changed that state of affairs through his determination, and courage, and success. This was a really positive interview, and a really positive Mark Todd. Good luck to him for the next Olympics.

I also liked the story from the man who helped his sick mother die a death of dignity, rather than have her suffer the pain of cancer and endure a slow, lingering death. This is another man with great courage. He was deemed guilty of manslaughter, and has had to do community service as his sentence. But now he is working hard to have the law changed so that terminally ill people may be allowed to choose to die when and where they wish. The Labour Party politician Ms Street is also campaigning to have the law changed.

The negative aspects of the John Banks scenario were more than compensated for by the positive words and the actions of the people who followed afterward.

And great to have the’s great generosity towards the Christchurch Earthquake fund, and Auckland City, broadcast on national television.

Great show.

details to follow…


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