Kim Dotcom Back In Court Today 28 February 2012 boss was granted bail 6 days ago, on the 22 February 2012. But today, the last day of February 2012 in New Zealand, Kim unfortunately had to appear in court again for a reassessment of his bail conditions.

The Americans are obviously pushing to have Kim put back behind New Zealand jail bars, no matter what. The FBI want him to be extradited to America, where they are charging him and his colleagues of internet piracy. Despite the fact that many famous rock stars are actually in support of’s website and its services, the FBI, backed by the Hollywood movie and music giants, are obsessed with halting all file sharing on the internet. Since MegaUpload accounts for something like 17% of all internet use, is at the heart of the matter.

We were told that the judge said today that Kim could be a flight risk, and so the bail granted last week might be reversed. But the ‘flight risk’ story was the one given as the reason for not giving bail in the first two tries for bail. Then, last week, the judge decided to grant bail anyway, regardless of the ‘flight risk’. Now, suddenly, the ‘flight risk’ is ostensibly the paramount reason for putting back behind bars, although he is still innocent, as he has not been proven guilty.

Personally, I wish that Kim could somehow be whisked away, out of this ever-tightening spider’s web which has been spun around him by all those venomous people out to drink his rich MegaUpload blood dry, away, away to Germany, where the extradition rule does not apply.

Angela Merkel, can you devise some clever plan to save our worthy friend from what is basically a gross abuse of human rights, and have him brought safely back to Germany? Kim represents the alternative, the antidote to the big corporations who rule Hollywood, the music industry, the world economy. He is the champion of free enterprise and freedom of speech. has been jailed without a trial. The judge has said that he cannot comment on the case, because he has no evidence of any wrong doing. Get him freed. Get him his site going again. Get all his colleagues freed and working again. Why not?

Julian Assange deserves to have your help, as well. He has been reprimanded and his Wikileaks site stopped, because he revealed American war crimes to the rest of the world via his Wikileaks website. He also is expected to be extradited to America where he will be jailed and tried for revealing military ‘secrets’. Or crimes.

Jason Vale, who escaped death from cancer by using diet and aprictot kernels after the doctors had declared they could do no more for him, has been charged by the FDA and is about to be tried by the American justice system for telling people on his web-site about his alternative approach to fighting cancer. Jason Vale has helped many people who have had terminal cancer. However, he came under the spot-light of the FDA, who have done their best to shut him up. He agreed not to sell apricot kernels, or their magical ingredient, Laetrile, also called Amygdalin, or Vitamin B17. But they ‘got’ him, simply because he told a person a phone number of someone who could possibly supply him with the Vitamin B17-rich supplement. The FDA stands for the American ‘Food and Drug Administration’. This organization is mighty and powerful, because it is the face of the pharmaceutical companies whose main mission in life, it seems, is to kill any opposition to its hugely profitable drug empires.

Corporate power is behind this move to silence Jason Vale and his alternative treatment for cancer. Corporate power is behind’s arrest. Corporate power, via the American government, is behind the silencing of Julian Assange. These people are greedy and unscrupulous, in a similar way to Shell Oil, who are about to return to the presently pristine Arctic region to exploit oil there, despite Greenpeace protests.

Food for thought and prayer.


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