Kim Dotcom Denied Bail Again Auckland 3 February 2012

Appeal For Bail Turned Down: Until he is proven guilty, is still an innocent man. Yet has to spend the next four weeks behind bars in New Zealand, in Auckland’s Mount Eden prison. His second appeal for bail in the Auckland District Court this week failed again to see his request granted.

It all seems so unfair and so unjust, for the simple reason that he should not be behing bars in any New Zealand jail anyway, because there are no grounds for keeping him there, other than the fact that the FBI want him back in America. The judge said, previously, that he could not discuss the case, because there was no concrete evidence against Mr He is not a criminal, and he has not acted illegally in running his website, So the New Zealand police should not have interfered in any way, in arresting Mr on behalf of the American FBI.

The media and the police made much of the fact that when was arrested, he was not taken easily, because he had hidden in an inner room inside the house to protect himself. Well, wouldn’t you? There were in excess of 83 policemen who took part in the raid on’s mansion, just prior to his birthday on the 21st January, 2011. And there were snipers on the roof of the house, plus a helicopter or two, circulating the property, most probably with their guns at the ready. was asked in court yesterday about why he had avoided the police at his home, just prior to his arrest. He said in his defence that he thought it would be better if he waited for the police to find him, because if he had come outside the house, he most probably would have been shot.

The arrest was an incredibly over-dramatic and expensive affair which was filmed for all the world to see. This footage has been used to try to portray as a criminal. One would expect that only the most dangerous criminals would need almost 100 policemen, snipers, and helicopters to have them arrested. This sort of drama is usually reserved for American serial killers, or friends of Osama bin Laden. It is simply ridiculous that an ‘operation’ was planned for the arrest of a man who has not committed a crime, other than to defy the pro-corporate interests of America.

New Zealand is supposed to be a democratic country. But’s arrest for charges for which there is no evidence, by a foreign mighty power who strictly speaking has no jurisdiction here, has to make you question our democracy and our right to free speech and free enterprise.

Hopefully, Mr will be released soon. His lawyer has stated that they have not given up the fight, and that he needs to stay in New Zealand to fight to have his assets restored. All his bank accounts have been frozen in New Zealand. He cannot fight for access to his own funds if he is extradited to America.

Good luck,


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