Kim Dotcom Granted Bail in Auckland NZ’s Owner Finally Out Of Jail is out on bail as from the 22nd February, 2012. He should never have been put into a New Zealand jail in the first place. His arrest was made by New Zealand police for the FBI in America. The FBI issues with should be no concern of ours, and we do not even know whether or not the charges against him have been manufactured just to shut MegaUpload down, and ruin and his colleagues. The judge said over a month ago that he could not comment on the case, as he did not have any evidence of any alleged wrong-doing by So why did he support the police actions in arresting this man?

It would have been mind-blowing if the judge had acted with absolute integrity, thrown the case out of the court, defied FBI and other American authorities, defied all the little police puppets in New Zealand acting under instructions for the FBI, defied the media stance, and let go after the very first hearing. Because he had no reason to hold at all. This would have been awesome, but just as unlikely as our piddling New Zealand John Key national government saying ‘NO’ to the Chinese over the Crafer farm sales. No back-bone here to stand up to the big and powerful nations of the world. Bow and scrape. Bow and scrape. Yes, sir. No, sir.

But the judge didn’t act off his own bat to let go. Typically, no back-bone here to defy the American lords of the FBI.. The judge acted for the FBI, outside of our New Zealand jurisdiction, and kept and his colleagues behind bars so that the FBI might get to carry out their intentions to have them extradited to America. is innocent until proven guilty, by our New Zealand law. Yet he was arrested in a big dramatic show-down, with around 80 police and ‘extras’, including an armed helicopter, and snipers on the roof of his house. As if he was some American mass-murderer.

This made big head-lines here in New Zealand, and the scale of the operation to arrest has convinced many people here that the man MUST be a criminal. Otherwise, people ask, why would you need so many armed police, and a helicopter, and the works? But that is exactly why New Zealand authorities camped the whole thing up. The dramatic arrest was engineered, of course, to have precisely the outcome of inciting public support for’s arrest and extradition to America. And New Zealanders, being only such a small nation, just love anything which is larger than life. It all suited the right-wing national government of New Zealand, who used the incident to divert the public’s attention from their massive sale of land to the Chinese.

And the media have followed suit, reporting every little detail as though the man was guilty. They told us with glee about he two guns in the house. And Kim hiding in his locker, as if he was trying to escape being arrested. Later, John Campbell revealed the true story – that the guns weren’t ‘the weapons of mass destruction’ as initially reported on television news, but something like a couple of hunting rifles. And the reason for Kim’s apparent hiding – Kim thought , after seeing the armed police around the house, and the helicopter, that he might get shot if he stepped outside the house. So, rather than risk being shot like a dog, he waited quietly for the police to come and take him.

It wasn’t until John Campbell, on ‘Campbell Live’ TV3, got onto the subject, with at least three intensive shows on the subject of, that we heard anything like the truth of the matter.

If such unnecessary tactics were used to paint up a ‘guilty and scary’ picture of, so that a negative image would be publicized world-side through the media, when in fact Kim could have been arrested in the normal way by two policemen coming to his door, you get an idea of what the American authorities will do in order to paint a black picture of any person who opposes their authority. Such as a radical Islamist, or any other independent group of people who may oppose American domination of their country.’s arrest is a ‘weapons of mass destruction’ replay, only on a smaller scale, a theory put forward to justify the authorities moving in to dominate the scene and rule in any way they want. Such was the case in Iraq, where no evidence of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ were ever to be found. And such is the case with the treatment of who is still innocent until proven guilty.

Freedom of speech and freedom of choice in matters of lifestyle, including the right not to vaccinate our children, are something we all prize in our democratic countries. But the reality is that governmental authorities in America are exerting their power to control us even more than ever before. The rights of the individual are being severely undermined. New legislations are being brought in all the time, which further reduce our freedom, and which further increase the power of the corporations. This American domination by force over the rest of the world keeps the dominant corporations in control of the economy.

So there goes the free speech principle and freedom of choice. has been arrested without there being any evidence against him. How democratic is that? He has been kept in jail since his arrest in NZ, for the FBI, until the 22nd February 2012, and then only released while under electronic surveillance, and on condition that he does not use a computer. How democratic is that?


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