Kim Dotcom Versus John Key New Zealand’s Prime Minister

Kim Dotcom from was in court again in Auckland, on Wednesday, 25th September, 2012. Thanks to New Zealand TV3 for giving us great coverage on the story, both on the 6 o’clock news, and on Campbell Live, Wednesday and Thursday.

Kim. Dotcom is fighting extradition to America, and currently fighting the right to have his stolen property, which includes his evidence of the New Zealand police raid on his property and his person, returned to him. In court today, the police inspector who made a statement in January, when Kim Dotcom was arrested, went back on his initial evidence. His story ‘was inconsistent with the truth’ concerning the evidence, so the lawyers said. Kim’s response on the news tonight was: “The courts are dealing with lies, cover-ups and fake stories on a daily basis.”

Fantastic to see John Campbell giving the Kim Dotcom story another jolly good work-out. I just wish we had Julian Assange from WikiLeaks, who is also fighting extradition to America, released from the British authorities, so that he can publish all he can lay his hands on, regarding the illegal raid, illegal surveillance, and unjustified arrest of Kim Dotcom.

However, Kim Dotcom’s lawyers are making a good fist of it. Ira Rothken from America is here to help New Zealand lawyer Paul Finlayson, QC, fight the case for Kim.

Our New Zealand government acted for the FBI in America, without proper authority from our own government departments. Our government has supported the stolen evidence of Kim Dotcom being sent to the FBI in America, which leaves Kim Dotcom with limited evidence to support his fight against the authorities, both in New Zealand and in America. This stolen information, which includes vital video tapes, should not have been confiscated by our own police, let alone sent to America. These things are the property of Kim Dotcom, and do not belong to either the New Zealand police, or the FBI.

Kim Dotcom is a New Zealand resident, and as such, should not have been subjected to American FBI surveillance in our country.

If this is a battle of wits, Kim Dotcom against John Key, then Kim will surely win.

If this is a battle of honesty, Kim Dotcom against John Key, then Kim will surely win.

Woe is me, if this is a battle where lies are taken at face value, just because they come from the mouths of our Prime Mininster John Key, who claims he didn’t know anything about the surveillance of Kim by NZ police for the FBI, and knew nothing about the imminent planned raid on Kim’s property, when even Hilary Clinton knew about it; or lies from the mouth of John Key’s co-politician John Banks, who falsely declared those massive donations from Kim Dotcom, with the Prime Minister protecting him; or the either strangely incompetent or deceitful action by John Key’s commander-in-chief John English, who signed off the authorization to illegally put surveillance on Kim Dotcom, when this cannot be done because Kim Dotcom is a fully recognized resident and citizen of New Zealand.

Will these dodgy, deceptive New Zealand national party politicians get away with it?

John Key was questioned about his knowledge of the up-coming raid on Kim Dotcom. John Key seems to be remarkably ignorant and oblivious as to what his other government departments are doing, and he seems to be TOTALLY ignorant about the doings and movements of the department of which he is the king-pin – National Security. Secret Intelligence.

Russel Norman from ‘Greens’ and David Shearer from ‘Labour’ have both asked the question: “How come the Prime Minister John Key knew nothing about the illegal surveillance and planned raid on Kim Dotcom when everybody else did – John Key met with his spy agency SEVENTEEN times in the year before the raid – so what were they talking about, if they were not talking about Kim Dotcom?”

So how is it that John Key can know nothing about the illegal surveillance of Kim, and the raid which followed, when he is in charge of the very department which activated the surveillance and raid?

Russel Norman, co-leader of the Greens, said on tonight’s news, 27th September 2012, that ‘It is impossible to believe”…. that this government department, of which John Key is the boss, could have been ignorant about the resident status of Kim Dotcom. “These people are dealing with such cases all the time.” “It is just not credible that this government security agency was not aware that they were not allowed to spy on New Zealand residents.”

Winston Peters was shown in parliament today, speaking of John Key’s plea of innocence regarding the matter: “This Prime Minister would have fired any politician who had demonstrated such incompetence as that which he has displayed. I am asking the Prime Minister to fire himself….right now.”

John Key was also shown on television this evening, the 27th September, 2012, in a cunning little shot with him holding a young female child. He certainly knows how to soften the blows. When politicians today are asking for John Key’s resignation as prime minister, he makes sure he is pictured smiling, holding a young child, when the television cameras inevitably arrive to photograph the likely spectacle of his feigned ignorance and embarrassment.

Our New Zealand National government is looking more and more like the Russian Putin model, where blatant lies and deceits are the name of the game, to keep power hungry, ignorant, and deceitful men, in governmental positions on the top of the ladder.

Don’t be surprised – Next thing, we’ll be having John Key coming up from the bottom of the sea in his diving gear, holding Chinese relics from the Ming dynasty, which might support a claim that the Chinese were here in New Zealand before anybody else, which could mean that all our land here belongs to the Chinese, and not to the Maori people or to the settlers who created farms here.

Yes. Ridiculous lies. And utterly incredible that John Key knew nothing about all this. For goodness sake – he was in America only weeks before the raid on Kim Dotcom, where he visited the studios of Warner Brothers, who are thought to be behind the hunt on Kim Dotcom. He also met with Hilary Clinton, I believe.

Yet, on television tonight, John Key made a public apology to Mr Dotcom and to ‘the people of New Zealand’ regarding the illegal surveillance of Kim Dotcom. He said that this department …..HIS department, mind you….has let us down and that the issue would be investigated.

One reporter on TV3 news later in the evening seemed to soft-soap the Prime Minister’s dilemma, giving him the benefit of the doubt…. She said that the prime minister was not very happy about the incident, and that ‘heads will roll’ She missed the point in my opinion. I am sure I can hear Winston Peters saying that it is the prime minister’s head which should roll.

But as Kim Dotcom said on Campbell Live on Wednesday night, “this New Zealand National government is making a mistake in thinking that the people of New Zealand are just so gullible.”


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