Kim Dotcom’s Arrest In NZ Investigated By Campbell Live Was Denied Bail around a week ago. John Campbell, of TV3’s ‘Campbell Live’ show has covered the case extensively, in several shows last week around the 8-10th of February, 2012.

The questions John Campbell asked were-

Why has been arrested at all, when there is no hard evidence against him?

Why has his website been shut down, when there is no hard evidence against him?

Why have all his bank accounts been closed, and all his money been confiscated, when there is no hard evidence against him?

Why is he being treated as guilty by our police, our courts, and generally speaking, our media, when he is still innocent, as far as the law goes?

Why did it take around 80 police, helicopter pilots and personel, and other ‘extras’ to arrest anyway, when two or three policemen could have arrested him in the normal way. The way the arrest was done was sensational, to attract media attention, and to influence the public, to have them believe that this man must, indeed, be a criminal. When, in fact, he is NOT a criminal.

Why are our New Zealand police acting for the FBI in dealing with a case which has nothing to do with New Zealand?

Who is paying for the whole charade, police raids, helicopters, and the court costs involved? – Well, the answer, as you might expect, is not the USA, but New Zealand. Which makes the whole show very questionable in more ways than one. This is nothing to do with us here in New Zealand. But for some insane reason, not too hard to work out, our National right wing government will be happy to foot the bill via the tax-payer.

One comment which came into Campbell Live, from a viewer, asked ‘when did New Zealand become the 52nd state of America’, and thereby become bound by the American Federal Law? The answer is that we haven’t become a state of America, and so we should not have to comply with their laws. We have our own laws here. has been wrongly accused, wrongly arrested, wrongly jailed, for some nebulous, trumped-up charge by the FBI, of which our New Zealand judge said that he ‘could not comment on, since he had no evidence’ which supported any of the charges.

As if in defiance to Campbell’s coverage, after the first of John Campbell’s investigations of the treatment of, and his questions regarding the legality of it all, the police and security people moved into’s house to confiscate every last single thing that he owned. This is absolutely outrageous. At the whim of the FBI in America, the New Zealand police, with the support of our right-wing dictatorial government, have demolished not only this man’s business, but his whole life. And where is the justice? He has not even been tried.


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