Kim Dotcom’s Programmer Is Granted Bail

Today is the 15 February 2012. Still Valentine’s day 14th February overseas, the anniversary of the beheading of St Valentine by the Romans. Apparently, he was beheaded because he defied the ruling by Caesar not to marry any young men, as they were wanted to boost the Roman army. St Valentine secretly married young lovers, and suffered the dire consequence of death for his beliefs and his troubles. So we remember St Valentine, the martyr, with flowers for the one we love who has our heart. And flowers for the one who defied the government ruling so long ago, and did what he believed to be the right thing.

Anyway – about another, modern, legal and most definitely political wrangle:, who was arrested in NZ around a month ago with three of his colleagues, was denied bail for the second time around a week ago. But a few days ago, his programmer who was arrested at the same time as and his MegaUpload colleagues, was given bail. He is now out of jail, on condition that he does not go anywhere near a computer.

Why has the programmer been let out of Jail, but neither Kim himself, nor the other two MegaUpload brains, who are all still behind bars?

Well, New Zealand news tells us that the judge has let the programmer out on bail, so long as he complies with the condition of not using a computer. Yeh, right. But what is the bet that he has been let out so that the ‘other side’, the FBI and their New Zealand partners in crime, can pull as much information as they can from the poor programmer. Which will mean his actually having to spend an awful lot of time at a computer, in the company of FBI officials and their bullies, is my guess. What is the bet that ‘they’ will be picking his brains as to the intricacies and ‘know-how’ of managing such a huge and successful site as MegaUpload.


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