Lucy Lawless Protests Against Shell Oil Drilling In The Arctic

Greenpeace Protest Against Shell, New Zealand 24th February 2012

Shell Oil have designs on the oil in the Arctic, so the morning news tells us today.


Today, Shell Oil have a ship waiting in the New Plymouth port, in Taranaki, New Zealand, which is about to embark on a trip to the Arctic. Seven Greenpeace protesters, including the actress Lucy Lawless, have scaled this ship in protest of Shell Oil’s intentions to mine oil in the Arctic.

Lucy Lawless was the heroine in the American drama ‘Xena, Warrior Princess’ which was popular for many years, in America, in New Zealand, and world-wide. Off-screen, and true to her name when the cause is such a worthy one, Lucy Lawless is proving to be just as heroic as her fantasy part on-screen.

She appeared on ‘Close Up’, hosted by Mark Sainsbury, just after scaling the Shell exploration boat. Asked if her presence on the boat meant that she was prepared to be arrested for the sake of the environment, Lucy replied

“I guess so. I’m here, aren’t I?” She said that she hadn’t really considered the consequences too much, but that the protest against oil drilling in the Arctic was an important issue, and that the protest must be made.

The famous TV star Lucy Lawless is the face of this latest Greenpeace protest to try to protect one of the last vestiges of untouched and unspoilt landscapes left in the world. Her presence in the protest is bringing the spot-light to this curucially important environmental cause. Shell-oil’s actions, if they are allowed to proceed with their oil exploration in the Arctic ocean, will precipitate a cycle of exploitation, pollution, and destruction in this precious continent, as many other companies will be in for the kill, too, if Shell goes ahead.

There is also the ever-present danger of oil spillages which would spell disaster to the region. We have plenty of evidence as to the damage even a comparatively smallish amount of oil, such as that which came from the ship-wrecked Rena, in our own New Zealand waters, can cause. Then, of course, there are the massive environmental disasters such as the one caused by Shell in the Gulf of Mexico a couple of years ago. The damage from this is on-going, with wild-life and environment affected. Many people have been made permanently sick, or have died, from this oil disaster. Cases of cancer have increased.

The oil companies have been protective of their economic power in keeping us dependent on oil for petrol to run our cars. When, in fact, there are other methods to power vehicles which are environmentally friendly – something which oil is not. Many years ago, an American inventor invented an engine which ran on water. He died a mysterious death, and his plans were conveniently forgotten. However, there are now other car designs which have been brought to fruition, including the electric car, a solar powered car, and, I guess, the water-powered car which might use steam. Anyway, there are definitely other options available, other than oil, or nuclear power.

Germany is planning to be completely nuclear-free by the year 2022, replacing all its nuclear power facilities with solar-power and wind power technology. We can hope and pray that the rest of the world will follow suit, using the German technology, to be nuclear free. The next step in improving the environment world-wide will be to abandon all oil-drilling, and oil/petrol driven machines in favour of their solar-powered replacements.

Postscript on 27th February, 2012.

Today, Lucy Lawless and her Greenpeace friends were all arrested by NZ police today in Port Taranaki. They will come up before the courts before the end of the week. The Shell Oil exploration ship is reported to be going ahead with its mission to the Arctic as planned.

All Praise to these protesters for sticking their necks out in a bid to protect the environment, and raise public awareness to the issue of ocean oil drilling. Drilling in one of the last untouched and unruined places on our precious planet is surely to be despised. The real criminals are not Lucy Lawless and her Greenpeace protesting mates, but the well-paid profiteers higher up the ladder of Shell Oil’s hierarchy. These people are presumably well educated people who know EXACTLY what the consequences will be. Greed rules their brains. They have no concern at all for the safety of the planet and its people, or its wild-life, and, regardless of the history of oil-spill accidents’, they bully their way into its destruction for the sake of profit.

Join the online protest against the exploration of the Arctic by Shell Oil:

Go to and sign the petition. Continue the protest which Lucy Lawless and her friends have highlighted for the world to take notice, and for which they have been arrested. Greenpeace hope to get more than 200,000 signatures before the end of today, the last day of February 2012 in New Zealand. Greenpeace have just emailed us all to say that the numbers are up around 170,000 so far.


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