Mars Change Causing Accidents Bad Weather Instability 11 April 2012

Astrology For Retrograde Mars: More accidents, more anger, more violent disruptions, eruptions and earthquakes.

Today’s TV news has just announced that the ship commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the ill-fated Titanic has had to turn back because of a man on board suffering a heart attack. No surprise, really – heart attacks are also ruled by Mars.

But the whole idea of a memory trip which would follow the same journey as the original, ill-fated Titanic, seemed like an awful idea to me, especially with Mars being in a dodgy part of its cycle. What about tempting fate? Often these repeated events which commemorate some disaster turn out to be fated themselves, years later, when they are simulated a second time around. But Mars Retrograde also has a bearing on accidents, which has not given this anniversary trip any Blessing.

Another wierd, Mars-Retrograde-inspired event has happened today, in New Zealand. An orchardist has just had 1500 fruit trees hacked down by an unknown attacker. This is an act of violence which would have been inspired by the fact that Mars is at its most intense part of its Retrograde cycle just now – less than a week before it turns Direct again.

Mars has only five days to go before it makes the change from Retrograde motion back to Direct motion. After the 16th April next week, Mars will be back on its path of Direct motion, as seen from the Earth. This should see a period of more settled times again, before the next major thing happens with the stars. But at the moment, things seem quite unsettled, to say the least.

Weather and the Planets: Today in Auckland, New Zealand, on the 11th April 2012, we are seeing the changes typical of when either Mercury or Mars heads towards their Direct phase again. There is a tension in the air. It is threatening to rain, and the wind is coming up quite strong here at Orewa, but so far, except for the odd bit of showery rain, the event has not actually hit yet. We are still waiting for the rain to come, reminded constantly by the wind and the noisy sea that some rocky times are imminent.

Mercury went Direct last Friday, which was Good Friday, the 6th April, 2012. We had many accidents and natural disasters all over the world whilst Mercury was in its 3 week Retrograde cycle, especially in the week just prior to the changeover from Retrograde to Direct. The Retrograde Mercury was made even more intense over its 3 week cycle, because Mars as well as Saturn have also been Retrograde during this time. Even after the changeover of Mercury from Retrograde to Direct, we had many accidents over the Easter period – over 500 in NZ – but no people were killed, fortunately. I believe that the Easter period, which is normally high in road deaths, would have been a different scenario if Mercury had still been Retrograde, as Mercury Retrograde tends to make people extremely woolly-headed , careless, and impulsive, and this is especially so for the people who have Mercury aspecting their own personal planets.

So now Mars is due also to changeover from Retrograde to Direct. Its effect during the changeover is similar to that of Mercury when it does its changeover. I expect that from today the 11th April until next Monday the 16th April, 2012, or Tuesday, there will be a higher incidence again of all the things which Mars affects. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, heart attacks, fires, war troubles, violent behaviour, high winds, electrical disturbances, more disruption and heat from nuclear plants, and more problems with anything to do with producing electricity are likely today and over the next week.

Tempers are likely to flare up over the next week, and this period is also a time where suicides, car accidents, flying accidents, alcoholic binges, and other negative behaviour is likely to increase.

It is an uneasy time for families right now. But things should adjust themselves back to a more normal-like mode next week, after Mars has done its changeover on the 16th April, 2012.

Postscript: I put this post up around 3 PM NZ time today. At around 20 minutes to 7 PM, a large earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia, 8.6 magnitude. A small tsunami struck shortly after, but I believe no-one was killed, fortunately.


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