New York Bans Big Fizzy Drinks Which Cause Obesity

Sugar Makes You Fat – Is That True?


Photo by Holly.

About Excess Sugar Which Causes Obesity and Diabetes.

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Food scientists have been blaming fat for the rising incidence of obesity. For years we have been told not to eat butter, to eat margarine instead because it has less fat, to avoid fatty meats, and to drink milk which has had the fat taken out of it. But then it was discovered that babies being fed entirely on fat-free milk were suffering brain damage, and not developing normally on a physical level. They were weak, with weak bones, and slow mental activity.

Fat Does Not Make You Fat: You do not have to be a food scientist to work out that the eating of fat does not make you fat, and that you are most likely depriving yourself of many important vitamins and fatty acids if you stick to a diet which excludes fats. The eskimos thrive on fat, and do not get fat so long as they eat their traditional diet which consists largely of fatty fish and seals. And in Scandinavia and Europe, people have been drinking full-fat milk for centuries, eating fatty cheeses, and using cream and butter in cooking without becoming obese.

Sugar makes you fat, and so does the lack of fibre in the diet, and possibly childhood vaccinations. Whilst these two latter causes are not being addressed in this new, unprecedented move by New York City, at least it is a start to remedy the problem of obesity.

Congratulations to New York City for taking the initiative in addressing obesity. They are just about to ban the sale of big fizzy drinks all over town.

From next week, only drinks of half a litre or less will be sold.

Children’s Health A Concern: The ban of sugary fizzy drinks is in a bid to address the problem of obesity which has stricken the whole of the Western world. Many children are obese when they begin school, and these children are likely to have a problem with weight for the rest of their lives, as well as other health issues, such as obesity and heart disease.

Obese children are deprived of good health, and their self-esteem suffers. They are often unable to join in with a lot of sporting activities and other school outings, which only exacerbates the problem of obesity.

This is a wonderful move on the part of the New York City councillors, to ban the sale of big fizzy drinks in all the take-away joints.

The move will help promote awareness of the issue of obesity: The ban will help people to make the connection between sugar and becoming fat, and, at the same time, help to reduce the amount of sugar people are consuming.

Postscript: Mayor Bloomberg will be sadly disappointed. The banning of big sugary fizzy drinks was his initiative. Since writing this post, Judge Milton Tingling overturned the ban on big fizzy drinks.


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