North Korea Underground Nuclear Test Causes Earthquake

Nuclear Explosion Causes Earthquake Today 3PM NZ time on the 12th February 2013.

This latest explosion has really rocked the boat. The nuclear explosion today caused a man-made earthquake which was felt in parts of South Korea.

There is widespread condemnation over North Korea’s actions and its insistence on developing and testing its nuclear devices. Sanctions already put in place against North Korea have made no difference.

South Korea who is the closest to the scene of the danger must be most unhappy about North Korea’s nuclear testing. They will be the first to suffer the effects of nuclear fall-out from North Korea’s explosions.

William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary, has just expressed his concerns on BBC News. China and America have also made statements of condemnation. The UN Security Council is to hold an emergency meeting in around half an hour’s time, so BBC News have just told us at 2.28AM New Zealand time.

The tremor lasted for one minute and was measured at 4.9 on the Richter Scale.

This is the third underground nuclear test made by North Korea. The first was in 2006, the second in 2009, and the third today, on the 12th February 2013.


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