Nuclear Facility New Jersey Threatened By Super-Storm Sandy

The Biggest Storm in Decades Is A Harbinger Of Things To Come.

US Hurricane Sandy Escalates Its Intensity As It Meets An Icy Cold Front, 29th – 30th October 2012.

First – Our thoughts go out to the many people suffering right now in America as a result of this storm.

But isn’t it interesting, as so many commentators have pointed out, that climate change has not been a focal point of either President Obama’s electoral campaign, nor that of Mitt Romney’s.

The Gods are telling us something here: Whilst the two most emminent American politicians choose to ignore the impact of climate change in their public pre-election forums, fate sends Super-Storm Sandy along to remind them of where their priorities should lie.

Devastation in New York City, Lower Manhattan, and other places along the eastern coast of America, have occurred today as a result of the Super-Storm Sandy, which is thought to be the most violent and intense storm New York has seen since around 1938. The winds, which have been reported being between 135-145 ks per hour, have covered an expanse more than 1000 miles wide, according to our news: New Zealand telly news at 4.30PM, 11.30PM in New York, gave us full coverage of the event as the worst of the storm struck.

The reality of the storm has dissipated any pre-election worries people may have had, just a week or so away from the Presidential election.

President Obama abandoned his pre-election campaign speech in New Jersey and headed back to The White House, to man the fort there. and give moral support to the people affected by the storm.

Millions of people were evacuated over the past 24 hours in advance of the storm warnings.

7 Million people are without power on the second day after the ravages of the storm.

People are still being evacuated from flooded areas today, 31st October NZ time.

The Wall Street Stock Exchange was shut down for two days in a row. This is the first time in over 100 years, since the early 1800’s, that the stock exchange has been shut for two consecutive days.

The main hospital in New York City has had to shut down due to power failure. Its own generators have failed to deal with the crisis. People were being evacuated from the hospital.

News on 30th October 2012, at 6 PM TV1, New Zealand Television, has just reported that the nuclear power facility at Oyster Creek in New Jersey was swamped by surges of water.

We were told, just as we were told initially,when the tsunami struck in Fukushima, that ‘there was no reason for concern’ over the nuclear power plant becoming unsafe as a result of this storm.

Commonsense should tell you that there IS a potential danger to the nuclear plant, because of possible damage caused by the Sandy storm.

But will we be told what is really happening in there? It is probably all OK. Hopefully, it is all probably OK. Hopefully, there will be no radioactive fallout emanating from the New Jersey nuclear power plant at Oyster Creek.

The Fukushima tsunami killed around 30,000 people. People were left behind with terrible losses – the destruction of whole villages bereavement and the ruination of home and income. Compounding these sad realities was the fact that the environment for miles around had been contaminated by the damaged nuclear power plants along the coast. This radio-active contamination will be there for many years to come. People will be affected by this radioactive contamination for many miles around, and across the world as well.

The Sandy storm is yet another reminder that we just cannot afford to take the risk of rendering our environment uninhabitable through the use of nuclear power.

If the storm had been a little more intense and a little more water had burst into the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant, the situation there could very well have been dire.


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