NZ Join Hikoi 28 April Britomart 2012 “Aotearoa Is Not For Sale”

Hikoi Protesting Against NZ Asset Sales, Privatization, Sale of Land To Foreigners, and the Transtasman Agreement.

The Hikoi coming down from Cape Reinga, the ‘tail of the fish’, in the Far North left yesterday, 24th April, 2012, at 5.30 AM, and is set to arrive in Auckland’s Britomart this Saturday, 28th April, 2012, at 3 PM. From Auckland, it will make its way over the next week to Wellington’s Pariliament Buildings. Wellington is the final destination, the ‘head of the fish’, and the Hikoi is expected to arrive there on the 4th May, 2012.

New Zealanders – get on your walking shoes to prevent more asset sales, and sale of our land to foreigners. It is imperative that we speak out as ONE to oppose this government’s irresponsible and destructive policies on social issues, our public assets, and our land.

This Hikoi-protest will be huge, and influential, if those 3 out of 4 New Zealanders who oppose the sale of land to foreigners, and who oppose asset sales, join the march.

The march will already be gaining momentum. Some people I know will be joining it as it comes through Orewa, on its way to Auckland. Many, many more people will join the march for Wellington, after the Hikoi reaches Britomart on Saturday. Remember to be downtown at 3 PM, outisde Britomart, Lower Queen Street, opposite the wharf and the ferry buildings. Britomart at 3PM is the designated meeting spot and time for all those wishing to unite in protest over the government’s actions.

I expect 30,000 to turn up should the day be a rainy one. But here’s hoping that the weather will favour the event, and that 50,000 people or more turn out to demonstrate their objections to the government’s policies on land and asset sales.

Today is Anzac Day, the day which commemorates all those New Zealand soldiers, Maori and Pakeha alike, who fell at Gallipoli. It also is a remembrance day for all soldiers who sacrificed their lives in other locations, during the first and second world wars.

Anzac Day also acknowledges all those returned soldiers who fought for our freedom and our land. Many of these ex-soldiers are asking the question now: “What did we all fight for, if the government suddenly decides to give away all that we worked for, our land, our assets, to foreigners, who will have the ultimate control of these assets if they purchase them?” It is thought that many returned soldiers from the Far North will join the Hikoi after today’s Anzac Day services are over.

National’s social policies are destructive, as well as its environmental and economic policies. Their social policies are eroding the good work which Helen Clark’s government attempted to do in trying to give the under-privileged a ghost of a chance in succeeding in this capitalistic society. We are not all ex-bankers like John Key, and the world should not operate around the whims of these environmental and social dunces.

The National government is not concerning itself with the welfare of the NZ people. It has shown itself to be uncaring and irresponsible. The New Zealand state housing system, which was working quite nicely before John Key took over, is one case in point. The National government has deliberately pushed people out of housing, telling them that their houses are not fit for habitation, when in many cases, these are perfectly good houses which just needed a coat of paint. They have let them lie empty, becoming even more run-down, so that they can say a few years later that they really are no good and will have to be demolished.

The National government’s actions are destroying communities: My friend Yvonne Dainty was on television recently, in a meeting where she voiced her concerns for the people of Panmure who had been evicted from their homes, with no home offered in the same community.

John Key had the privilege of being brought up in state housing, and so did his minister of social welfare, Paula Bennet. It is sadly ironic that both these politicians, now that they have left their poor backgrounds behind, are doing their darndest to deprive underpriveleged people in Aotearoa of such a basic need as affordable housing.

There are many things to protest about with John Key’s government.


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