Organic Gardening And Warning On Hormone Fed Chickens NZTV1

New Zealand’s Country Calendar featured a wonderful and inspiring programme on growing your own vegetables organically, which was screened last Friday at 7 PM. This is a great thing to be broadcasting on prime time television. We all need to get cracking, get our fingers into the soil, and grow our own organic vegetables.

On Animal Cruelty – Cruelty To Caged Chickens:

And over the weekend, on Saturday’s news, TV1 gave us a pretty graphic picture of just how much those poor chickens are suffering in their cages.

TV1 also told us the story, at last, on how many drug companies are paying big bonuses to doctors and hospital boards (? I think). This has been common knowledge for some time now, that doctors are being influenced by drug companies, not only in what I consider to be propaganda about their drugs, and incomplete test results, but in tempting the doctor to use their medicines through bonuses, gifts, and, in some cases, free travel. The result is more profit for drug companies, and less discerning doctors.

TV1 has lately been coming up with some very good stuff, in my opinion. John Campbell has been taking 90% of my interest lately, because of his profile on urgent issues such as child poverty in NZ, and other important things.

TV3 on the whole has been a little more controversial than TV1, who seem to be afraid of upsetting John Key and his National government, or his asset sales programme which has already begun with the Crafer Farms being sold to the Chinese. If the media had been more pro-active in supporting the majority of public opinion, I consider that John Key might not have had such an easy run to hock off the things which do not belong to him.

But it looks as if TV1 is beginning to show more of the controversial and contentious issues. All Praise Be To TV1 for not softening the impact of these stories in any way. Chickens should not be kept in cages, should not be injected with antibiotics or hormones or other growth-enhancing things, and they should be given the opportunity to peck up their food from real soil and to be exposed to natural sun-light.

Chickens certainly should not be fed hormones and antibiotics for the sake of more profit. Some of the chickens shown had obviously been given growth hormones. Their bodies were so over-grown within weeks, that their poor little legs could not hold them up to walk. This is disgraceful and very, very cruel. The SPCA are very concerned.

The chicken farm which was visited, and where the chickens were photographed, maintained that they do not give their chickens growth hormones. But the SPCA say that there is no way these poor chickens could have reached such a stage of plumpness, which growth exceeded the strength of their legs, unless growth hormones had been given to them.

It is illegal for growth hormones to be fed to chickens in NZ, but the practice is still being continued by some farmers, apparently.

Doctors and hospitals should not be given bonuses or gifts from drug companies. Bribes can cloud a person’s judgement.

And it is a very good thing to be promoting the idea of growing your own vegetables on prime time TV.

I will be keeping an eye out for TV1’s news headlines in the future.


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